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Game Profile
November 14, 2006

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

Final Fantasy XIII-2

Final Fantasy Versus XIII

Dissidia 012 (Duodecim): Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy XIV

More in this Series
 Written by Chris Reiter  on September 06, 2006

First Impressions: Some gamers are idiots. The rest of us realize that Final Fantasy III for the Japanese Famicom was the TRUE Final Fantasy III.

Remember back when you first played Final Fantasy III on the Super NES? That was great, huh? Gaming was historically classy in that period. As it turns out, America proudly became one big flock of ignoramuses for it. Unless you've ever resided in Japan or deal in overseas imports, YOU'VE never, not once, played Final Fantasy III. The Final Fantasy III you knew then on the SNES was actually (and this is true) Final Fantasy VI. The real Final Fantasy III was a Famicom title (that's Japan's version of the NES, bub) that never saw the light of day outside of Japan, until now. Passed up as a non-ported or remake title for more than fifteen years, Nintendo DS owners in America will soon have luck on their side, as this fall Square Enix finally brings their reinvented vision of the NES original to the handheld.

The earth rumbles and shatters upon a world guarded by the power of light crystals. Lost in the quake, the world's energy source starts to wane. Despite these events, fate happens upon Luneth -- a boy from the small town of Ur -- when it brings him to find a crystal. As told in an ancient Gulgan prophecy, four light bearers shall vanquish the darkness. It is seeking out these three fateful comrades that becomes the path Luneth must travel.

Not just another port, nor any compilation for that matter, Square Enix has saved the one and only Final Fantasy never brought stateside to be the one and only Final Fantasy to be remade from the ground up. The story has been rewritten, the sound design and gameplay are embracing new kicks, but the biggest surprise is that the visuals will materialize in full 3D. If you're not impressed with 3D graphics in a Final Fantasy, seeing all the many recent renditions in action, keep in mind that Final Fantasy III was once an 8-bit RPG. Yes, Final Fantasy III now gets the 3D treatment, with a prettier pedigree of art portraying that of a cheery and almost pastel climate. While not up to the three-dimensional standards of say next month's Final Fantasy XII, the smaller sized and simpler DS version of Number Three is looking pretty good for a game that's what, 16 years old.

As mentioned, the gameplay will include the kinds of changes you'd expect from a DS game. So not to overhaul the bodywork of the game completely for anyone who's never played Final Fantasy III before, the gameplay will remain relatively untouched while adding in the ability to play the entire game with the stylus. The characters can be moved and the game's turn-based battles can now be won selecting your attack, defend, or magical choices using the pen. Notable for being the first Final Fantasy game to introduce the job system, Final Fantasy III is back with its myriad of employed classifications just the same. More than 20 job entries in all should keep players busy experimenting, be it with the likes of a Monk, a Mage, or a powerful Dragoon or Summoner in your party.

Final Thoughts
It's been too many long years since Square said "No deal!" to us Americanized folks on the porting of Final Fantasy III issue. It was once thought by many that Square Enix would just throw together another PlayStation package featuring the game along with something else. That never happened. But what did happen, and what is about to happen very soon this fall, is that rather Square Enix went ahead and redid Final Fantasy III all over again. This is no quick conversion. This is years of hard work put in to make the same game that we never knew now done in an evolutionary format for the benefit of RPG veterans and newbies alike. Look for Final Fantasy III this November. The one you never played is almost here.

User Comments

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