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Game Profile
 Written by Chris Reiter  on May 17, 2005

Blog: Chris gets bloggy at E3.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005 @ 9:20 PM PT
Hello. Is this thing on? My podium mic, I mean. After all, here I am, writing my first-ever web-blog. When I first heard of the then unpopular word ?blog? last year, to me it sounded like some thing someone just coughed up out of their ass. Now, it's a term used commonly by online folk, such as other once foreign terms as MP3s or ?w00t!? As my first blog, I should probably just get the obvious out of the way. A blog is another name for an online journal -- plain and simple. Also, my name is Chris Reiter and I am writing to you currently from the great state of Cal-E-fornia while E3ing it up where probably some of you readers aren't. Ha-ha!

Today is Tuesday, the day Nintendo held their press conference. I went to it?but I'll get to that stuff in a minute. Yesterday was Monday, the day Sony and Microsoft held their events. Sony's I didn't attend because for one thing, those rat bastards moved theirs up a day when originally it was meant for Tuesday, a day my plane schedule wouldn't conflict with. Another thing is I probably couldn't have gone anyway. Kyle nor Glenn didn't get in, as Matt was the only one able to attend for reasons I forget. And then to make another long story short, none of us got into Microsoft's press conference. But at least we caught some of the stuff about the Microsoft and Sony stuff online. Good stuff.

Since I don't really have much to say about those two companies (except that I think the PlayStation 3 looks similar to the top-loading NES), I'll talk about what I saw at Nintendo's show today. From my seat close to the very back, I could get a distant glimpse of Reggie (seeing him in real life for the first time) doing his usual bashing of the other companies, and then hitting it off with what Nintendo has to offer instead. Well, after the big speeches, I find myself asking myself questions like, ?Do we really need a Game Boy Advance that's so tiny it'll fit in a Cracker Jack box?? I think not. On that note, it seems that ?small? seems to be what all companies are going for in this new next-generation wave. Like the curvy and box-shaped grayish PlayStation 3. Like the slim PC-tower-looking Xbox 360. And like the Revolution: Nintendo's three-DVD-case wide, boxy new system that is apparently not-yet-complete in design.

What else Nintendo had to show us included some disappointing presentations that included a new GameCube Pokemon (which I must say I just played and reviewed my first Pokemon ever recently, and found the game to be entirely mediocre?making me wonder why people still buy that crap), and more milking of the Mario name -- from titles like yet ANOTHER Mario Party (gag), more sports-related Mario games, and a Dance Dance Revolution utilizing the Mario team. There was also some lame presentations for upcoming DS games of some music mixing game and also Nintendogs shown to us by the even lamer Tina Woods of G4TV (who left the stage to go be Shiggy's love slave). This in addition to a movie viewing of miscellaneous GameCube titles on the horizon. Nothing too enticing there. The biggest news for me really would have to be two key items. The first one was that with the Nintendo Revolution, you'll be able to download games from any and all past generations of Nintendo games. There's some old hard-to-find Nintendo-system-exclusive games out there that I'd love to play again. Now let's just see how much Nintendo charges per each download. Second would of course be The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Link as a wolf? Mysterious girl (who I'm going to take a guess is Zelda) who rides Link doggie style (as in on top of his back)? It all gave me Goosebumps. Or in other words, it all looks amazing.

That's all the blog I have for you folks today. I'll blog ya later.

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