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Game Profile
PlayStation 2
November 18, 2003

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

Final Fantasy XIII-2

Final Fantasy Versus XIII

Dissidia 012 (Duodecim): Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy XIV

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 Written by Adam Woolcott  on April 26, 2004

Did You... Final Fantasy X-2: The Gullwings. Yuna, Rikku and Paine are hot video game babes. And Adam is here to tell you the things that you should be doing with them to be 100% satisfied in Final Fantasy X-2. So the question is "Did You... Final Fantasy X-2"

Final Fantasy X-2 is a monstrously huge game ? so huge, in fact, that much of the game is tucked away far from the main storyline, in the form of sidequests and mini-stories. Unfortunately, Yuna and the other Gullwings can't find everything on their own, what with many secrets only found by abusing the open-ended engine to alter the fate of various locales, missions, and quests. That's where ?Did You?Final Fantasy X-2' comes into play. Not a mere walkthrough ? instead, a helpful guide that instead of pointing out obvious parts of the game, covers the more hidden secrets, cutscenes, and missions of this great RPG. There's no specific order (though it's organized by chapter unless it's something that carries over to later chapters), and this guide is as spoiler free as humanly possible, so read through at your leisure. If you think you've exhausted all there is to do in Final Fantasy X-2 ? you may be right?but you may be wrong as well.

Did You?Touch the moogle? - Don't worry, it's all right to admit it, everyone touches the moogle from time to time. Seriously, in chapter 1 at Luca, you can miss a small, yet important event that adds some completion percentage to the story, involving a moogle. When chasing down Yuna's impostor, head for dock 2 (the one that looks like it has a large rectangular hole on the minimap). You'll have to do some fighting to get there, but the goons are pushovers even at this point. Eventually you'll see a large moogle, cowering in fear. Interact with it and not only will you be fully healed, but you'll enable the necessary completion % to get 100% in one game. While the identity of this moogle is unknown at this point, you'll find out in another Luca mission in chapter 1, kupo!

Did You?Watch the Youth League Base being constructed in Kilika Port? - In chapter 1, you can begin events that will lead to the acquisition of a great accessory that can be handy if you're at high levels. Cross the area where the gate to Kilika Woods resides, and head down the opposite way, until you reach a boat where a cameraman is filming something. When he offers to let you view the base, agree, and you'll kick off this mini-quest. Repeat this event in chapters 3 and 5, and you'll be allowed to actually cross the water to the base, where the accessory Invincible awaits, letting you break the usual damage limit. Talk about a great item for a level 99 Dark Knight! You can also acquire some special sphere break coins as well here, if you can find the little kid running around the base.

Did You?Not help Tobli in chapter 1? - While you'll blow a chance to get Episode Complete at the Moonflow, this is a worthwhile thing if you're skilled enough to make it work. If you do not visit Moonflow at all in chapter 1 (you can still get the Gun Mage dressphere in chapter 2, so don't worry), you'll instead encounter Tobli at Kilika on the way to the "awesome sphere" Hotspot mission. After the chapter is complete, the usual events leading to Yuna performing a mini-concert for her Gullwing friends take place. When you're pushing the musicians into the elevator in the cabin area of the Celsius, Tobli will be there pacing as fast as he usually paces. If you can manage to fight his pacing and push him into the elevator with the others, you'll earn the Enterprise accessory, which will allow for mages to lay some smack down with their spell casting. A fun note ? the Japanese version let you earn the Cat Nip item here instead, and those who've found the Cat Nip item know exactly what that could have done to the game at this point in the wrong hands.

Did You..Visit Tromell in Macalania Woods? - Easily missed is a lengthy conversation with Tromell, the Guado who once served Seymour even while he was plotting all the evil deeds that surrounded Final Fantasy X. The conversation takes place in four parts, meaning you have to interact with the sad Guado four times. Do so, because you earn two great items ? the Unerring Path Garment Grid, and Paine's special Dressphere, Full Throttle.

Did You?Be sure to rest in every single chapter? - Be sure to talk to Barkeep and select ?rest' every chapter. Doing this will trigger a pair of special cutscenes that mean little, but tell some small backstory (in amusing detail) and add to the completion percentage of the story. It's easy to forget, so be sure to do it as soon as possible at the beginning of each chapter. One kicks in right away ? the other must be activated by going to the engine room of the Celsius and going to the far end of the room, which will trigger the event.

Did You?Play with the Gaol in Bevelle? - In chapter 2, you'll descend deep into the depths of Bevelle, where much evil waits. However, there's a small little quest at the Gaol (all the moving ?cells' of sorts) to acquire a rare accessory. If you step on the hidden symbol in the room, you'll initiate a cutscene where Rikku will control the Gaol, while Yuna leaps around for stuff. If you can make it work right (it's a bit confusing), you'll find the Bloodlust accessory. It's not particularly a good item (after all, it automatically puts you in poison status), but it's something you can claim you acquired. It may not be worth all the effort though if you don't plan on using it.

Did You?Get the Ribbon in Bevelle? - In the security room chamber area, first accessed in chapter 2, you have to line up the platforms to descend into the deepest reaches of the former holy city of Bevelle. However, extra work and putzing with the security towers (as in, going after the ones that aren't lit blue) will let you arrange the platforms even more, until you can make leap after leap into a level even lower than the original path. If you can pull this off, you can acquire a Ribbon. Final Fantasy fans know what that means ? invulnerability to every single status ailment, from poison to doom. You can always forgo this and just earn a Ribbon beating Angra Mainyu in chapter 5, but by doing both you can unlock 2 ribbons and deck out 2/3rds of YRP with the power of invulnerability.

Did You?Visit Chateau LeBlanc in Guadosalam? - Chapter 3 is a pivotal chapter, with many things determining the outcome and which ending you'll receive. Visiting Guadosalam and LeBlanc is the first step. Upon entering the Chateau, you'll overhear Logos and Ormi conversing. After that discussion, head upstairs to LeBlanc's room and chat with her a second, before returning to her top goons again. You'll then view some spheres, including one that appears to show ?him' in it. You'll be greeted by Maechen, who'll say a small bit and you'll regain control of Yuna. Immediately walk over to Maechen again and initiate a conversation. Doing this is step one of the handful of requirements to achieve the Good Ending (as well as the Perfect Ending if you're working on or already have 100% story completion), so be sure to do this if you wish to see it. As a side note, return to LeBlanc's room in this chapter, to acquire one of the 10 Crimson Spheres to unlock the Den of Woe (it's on the above walkway, climb up to it). It's easy to miss, so keep it in mind.

Did You?Solve the puzzle of the first Besaid sphere? - In chapter 1's ?Where's Wakka?' mission, the sphere you find hints to a treasure chest high above Waterfall Way that obviously holds some big secret. There's nothing you can do then, unless you have a million gil to buy the Besaid Key at the shop. If you talk to one of the men inside the Besaid Temple, you'll be told of the key and the search sphere that helps you unlock this puzzle, as well as the other side of the cave you found Wakka in. Your first chance to do this quest cheaply is in chapter 3. If you did the escort mission in the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth, one of the guys who you save gives you the Besaid Key for nothing! Finish this mission and return to Besaid (or wait until chapter 5, your choice) and hit the Temple. Open the chest that is only unlocked with the Besaid Key and you'll find the Search Sphere. With this, you can hold square and find the location of hidden commspheres that hint the necessary numbers needed to unlock the other part of the cave. There's four places to find the spheres ? the first is in Besaid Village, in the area off the beaten path. Hold square until the sphere gives crazy readings, and press X constantly until Yuna digs up the sphere. The sphere lets you then tilt its camera around for the number needed ? in this case, it's on top of Besaid Temple. The next sphere can be found at the Village Slope, opposite the save point. The third is on Waterfall Way, just hold down square until you find it. The final sphere can be found in the little area above the lagoon (where Wakka pushed Tidus into the water at the beginning of FFX). Be sure to remember each number you find ? you won't be reminded. Head into the cave and find the other wall, and unlock the door. Once you reach the end, you'll be atop the waterfall. Run across and you'll find the treasure chest, which merely holds the Raging Giant Garment Grid. Yes, the return isn't worth the hassle, but it was fun searching, right?

Did You?Visit Bevelle after clearing the first 2 Cloister Hotspots? - In chapter 3, you're given a pair of Hotspots to visit Kilika Temple and Besaid Temple, to battle the dark aeons residing there. After this, Djose Temple becomes a Hotspot. However, this Hotspot leads to the end of the chapter 3, thus you'll want to wait until everything else is done first. Most importantly, you'll want to visit Bevelle, to see a huge storyline scene that makes sense of some of the stranger events leading towards the end. It matters not if you gave the awesome sphere to New Yevon or the Youth League ? you can access Bevelle in full. Follow the path all the way down to where you battled the boss at the end of chapter 2 (meaning you can get the ribbon and play with the Gaol in this chapter as well), and you'll see a lengthy scene that explains lots of stuff. Afterwards, be sure to pick up the sphere dropped ? it's one of the 10 that lets you open the Den of Woe under Mushroom Rock Road.

Did You?Remember to visit every area in chapter 3? - If you want the maximum amount of commsphere transmissions in chapter 4, be sure to visit everywhere, even if you don't need to go there. Many weird things take place on these spheres, including some things that trigger much-needed completion percentage, so you'll want to be able to see everything everywhere. This includes areas like the travel agency at the Calm Lands, and the Chocobo Ranch with Choco-lover Clasko ? be sure to visit every area you possibly can visit!

Did You?Not stop the Ronso's from attacking the Guado? - While it's the humane thing to do (and of course, you don't want to upset your pal Kimahri), you don't want to halt Garik's plan at least once. By earning Episode Complete in the Moonflow and letting the war happen, Tobli's office in Guadosalam will hold a huge item ? the Key to Success. Double your gil, double your experience, double magic and hit points, etc - Key to Success will do it. Other times, depending on the combination of Episode Completes (since the Guadosalam, Macalania, Mt. Gagazet, and Moonflow areas revolve around this secret), you'll get different items. Mix and match to unlock some goodies to play with.

Did You?Hit X after falling at the end of chapter 3? - One of the more baffling aspects of FFX-2 is the requirement to hit buttons at the right time to unlock the best endings, without any hints really making you even think of doing this. The first chance comes at the end of chapter 3. After Yuna's pivotal cutscenes, you'll gain control of her for a second, running around doing nothing. Eventually she'll lament "I'm all alone" in her despair. After she says this, start hitting the X button. Yuna will hear something and start looking around. You need to hear this noise 4 times total, so just keep hitting X until you see Yuna run up a suddenly appearing pathway, signaling the end of the chapter. This is step 2 of acquiring the Good/Perfect Endings.

Did You?Make sure to watch all the commsphere transmissions? - Chapter 4 is the most taxing chapter, due to the lack of action, instead ?traveling' around via commsphere. However, you'll want to view them all, for both reasons of story and humor, with some amusing events taking place while Peeping Yuna watches. An important one is watching the guy who runs the ?here comes the bride' sidequest hide a chest on the hill above the travel agency in the Calm Lands ? if you see this scene, you can open that chest in chapter 5, which is full of gil (and when the guy asks if you've seen a chest full of gil?well, Yuna used to be honest)! You'll know when there's nothing more to view when the scenes keep repeating, or when something or someone puts the commsphere out of commission. In chapter 5, continue to view commspheres, as most of Shinra's inventions meet numerous amusing demises.

Did You?Play the Gunner's Gauntlet in the Besaid Cloister of Trials? - Beclem's Gunner's Gauntlet is enough of a pain in the ass, but the Closter version makes his seem like preschool. In chapter 5, talk to the monk at the top of the stairs leading to the former summoner trial in Besaid to trigger an intensely different version of the Gauntlet. Unlike the one that you run along Waterfall Way, this one is first person, and on rails, meaning you have no control of Yuna at all. Getting to the end of this minigame is quite a challenge, but getting there will be a real test of skills, both of smart firing of Yuna's dual lawgivers and managing the different ammo (and you have some new ammo here, like death volley bullets that kill everything on screen).

Did You?Get at least Episode Concluded in Besaid and Episode Complete in Luca? - The only thing that means the difference between Concluded and Complete in Besaid is the Gunner's Gauntlet mission in chapter 2, but it matters not. In Luca, you don't need to do the Sphere Break tournament, just the chapter 1 mission and the chapter 5 mission after the Blitzball cutscene. If you only get these areas cleared in chapter 5 while skipping right to the end of the game, you've gotten steps 3 and 4 to earning the Good/Perfect endings.

Did You?Find all 13 squatter monkeys? - This can be done as soon as chapter 3, but it's very difficult with all the events. Instead, wait until you see either Episode Concluded or Complete in Kilika, then return. If you followed the Youth League Base events, you can get the Invincible now as well. Anyway, on that same area where the boat is, you'll find a woman who mentions something about squatter monkeys. She'll send you on the mission to find all 13 of them, hidden in Kilika Woods. This does nothing for completion percentage, but do it anyway. Finding all 13 monkeys isn't too tough ? just traverse the area, listening for the monkeys making noise. You can't see them, only hear them. Once you do, hit X and you'll find one. Find all 13 and the woman will reward you with the Chaos Malestrom Garment Grid ? one of the better GG's in the game.

Did You?Be sure to reach different conclusions in the Mi'ihen Mystery minigame? - In chapter 4, you helped Rin find the culprit of the haywire machina on the Mi'ihen Highroad. Be sure to reach different conclusions, as many earn you different items! You can nail 5 different people, by doing different tactics. The most difficult is Rin, but nailing the man himself will not only let you ride Chocobo's for free, but net you Gippal's Sphere, the most difficult sphere to find in the game. It also is great to appease whiny FFVII fans, thanks to the connection between this game and the PlayStation hit. Note though, that only Chocobo Eater, Calli, and Rikku can be nailed to earn Episode Complete, but if you've already done the ?all Episode Complete' secret and earned the Mascot Dressphere, it shouldn't be an issue. Have some fun with this, as it's definitely one of the more amusing sidequests in the game.

Did You?Fool around a bit with Blitzball? - Blitzing is very different from Final Fantasy X ? hands-off, and very confusing at first, especially since all the Gullwings are sucky and inexperienced at the game. It's not required to earn completion, but those who achieve the 100% completion ending will get a chance to really get some cool stuff once it's available in chapter 5. Not only can you unlock the Besaid Aurochs to play against and trade with, you can also get the Zanarkand Abes as well! You know what that means; getting the ability to put?uh?Abes Ace on the Gullwings team, putting them in line for a championship or two.

Did You?Know that you can come back and battle the Cactaurs again? - Once you've beaten the Bikanel Island missions in chapter 5, return to Cactaur Nation and find the Cactaurs spread around the area. If you want to battle the green bastards in combat again, you can do so here, though it's merely for fun and points. If you enjoyed this aspect of the game, it's always there to do!

Did You?Play around with the underground cavern in the Thunder Plains? - After you earn Episode Complete in the Thunder Plains, return to the cave you discover. It will all be locked up, and you have to solve bothersome, random math puzzles ? twice - to unlock the walls that lead to some great items. It's not mandatory, but a mere challenging mind game that makes Sphere Break look like child's play. A helpful hint ? equip a charm bangle; while it's a great place to gain experience, the math is a bit easier as some questions will require you to know the # of battles and gil you've earned since you entered (listed on a wall in the cavern). Since a charm bangle turns off random encounters, the battles and gil will always be at zero.

Did You?Play through the Mi'ihen Fiend Colony dungeon? - This requires having gotten Clasko into the old Monster Arena dungeon and leveled a Chocobo up to level 4 or 5. Once you have that, send a Chocobo to the Mi'ihen Highroad to search for treasure. After a while (it's like a half-dozen battles you have to fight before it happens), the Chocobo should return (save before you talk to Clasko about it, so you can reload and hope it returns) and tell of a dungeon near the hover crash site in the oldroad area. When you visit there, you will see a portal of sorts ? enter, and you can play around in this dungeon. It means nothing for completion, but there are some hidden items there, and it's just a fun place to mess with. Why? Because you can blow stuff up! With an array of bombs, you can blow walls up to either find treasure or enemies, until you find the leader of the colony, King VERMIN. You're on your own here, as the lack of a minimap means it's all trial and error to find your way through. It's not awfully hard though, so blow stuff up and have fun.

Did You?Complete the Chocobo Ranch quest? - It only gives a shred of completion percentage, but it's worth doing merely to get one of the best Garment Grids in the game. If you've been following the adventures of Clasko, the biggest Choco-lover on Spira, you can do this quest at full attention in chapter 5. It does involve some legwork, but the hassle is worth the return. Simply get 4 chocobo's that can reach level 5 (I found all mine in the Thunder Plains, but you can find a couple in Besaid or Kilika, but finding them is tough) ? you could do it other ways but it's a waste of time and greens to raise them. Don't raise them all to level 5 right away though. First, send all 4 out somewhere?Calm Lands is best for everything because the chance of running away is lower. If they all return after a few battles (save before talking to Clasko, because the chocobo's return chances are random, raise them to level 2. Do the same process for every level until they reach level 5. When they all return after being raised to level 5, Clasko will tell YRP that the chocobo's have found a hidden dungeon under the Arena. After Paine verbally bitchslaps Clasko for being a wuss, you'll be able to jump in. This is unquestionably the most complicated dungeon in the game ? without a map and full of annoying enemies, it can get confusing fast. The idea is to run through, open all the different gates, and find the super-chocobo that Clasko claims is down there. Following the patterns and finding the gates will accomplish this task (along with a battle with an Anything Eater, the Chocobo Eater's less picky cousin), and net you the Higher Power Garment Grid, which lets you break the HP and damage limit! A perfect grid for those trying to beat Via Infinito without using Cat Nip. Speaking of Via Infinito?

Did You?Make it through Via Infinito? - Returning to Bevelle after Episode Complete will net a dangerous, but interesting dungeon to traverse. Those looking for the final 2 Crimson Spheres will find them on cloister 0 and 20 of this 100 cloister (more like floors, but they call ?em cloisters). The first 20 floors are cakewalks, but once you get past this, the battles really begin. Every 20 cloisters, you encounter a major boss battle, all of which will give you temporary Tourette's at times. Beating the cloister 40 boss will give you Cat Nip, which lets you do 10k damage every single hit when your health is in critical (so reasonably, a Gunner's Trigger Happy can do about 200k damage in one motion if under a haste status), that can make things easier ? if a bit cheaper. Beating this boss isn't easy (low HP, high defense, plus it can cast Ultima which means happy happy death time?use Tableturner to wipe it out), but if you really want Cat Nip, either bribe it or kick its ass fast. If you can clear every cloister (you can save by returning to the start, and then go back where you left off), you'll battle a boss with 1 million HP! At this point, priests and other various forms of non-cursers will be well versed in the F word, but beating this boss earns the Iron Duke, which effectively makes you the largest bad-ass in Spira (and using this in a New Game Plus renders every enemy to one hit kills, basically), thanks to doubling your HP, MP, magic skill, and strength. It's worth the hassle if you want to tear through the game to find secrets you missed the first time around.

Did You?Take all the paths to the Farplane? - After doing all that needs to be done in chapter 5 (though you don't have to do it first, you can skip right to this and come back), you'll have to choose which hole to jump into on the path of beating the game. If you take the time to return to Spira from the abyss, you can actually go each route to the Farplane. While you don't need to take every path, a good Garment Grid awaits those who do. While Besaid, Kilika, and Bevelle holes are very simple, linear paths, the Calm Lands hole and especially Djose are tricky, complicated puzzles to solve on the way down. Doing so rewards YRP with the Meggido GG. Don't fear doing this either, as the three boss encounters only have to be fought once, the other trips down are safe. If you're a GG collector, this is worth the trouble.

Did You?Return to the surface after the events with LeBlanc in the Farplane? - If you want to see some funny cutscenes involving Yuna's Al Bhed family, return to the surface. When Brother and Buddy aren't around on the bridge, go to the outside and you'll see a cutscene, which requires knowing Al Bhed to understand what's being said. After this, return to the cabin area to see another scene, one that's interactive. If you want 100% in a single game, be sure to do this. You'll want to do this again ? return to the Farplane, complete the musical puzzles, save, and again come back. You'll encounter a scene involving Rikku ? one that almost sounds like a wish-it-was teaser for Final Fantasy X-3 (which won't happen).

Did You?Oversoul every possible fiend? - Enemies that oversoul can be a pain in the ass sometimes (especially with lower-level characters), but getting all of them to get that far can reward with the absolute best Garment Grid in the entire game. You can see how many enemies you've oversouled by looking at Shinra's Bestiary, so you can check how close you are. It definitely will take numerous plays through the game to oversoul everything, but you're rewarded with The End GG (with Sin embossed on it?you ever notice some of the backgrounds of the different grids?), that lets you use the super-mega-badass Finale move.

Did You?Hit X again after beating the game? - Whether you completed the requirements for the good/perfect endings or not, hitting X will give you something more than the normal ending. After you beat the final bosses, you'll have a scene where you're walking across the abyss. Hitting X here will trigger either an adjusted normal ending (you could call it the ?sad' ending I suppose), or trigger events leading to the best endings. If you've done what's needed, you'll be posed a question ? answer ?Yes!' and you'll get the good/perfect endings, depending on whether you have 100% or not.

Did You?Search everywhere in every chapter? - This is probably barely scratching the surface of all that Final Fantasy X-2 has to offer. The best piece of advice is to search everywhere, talk to every possible NPC, and leave no stone unturned in every chapter. Once you know what triggers major events, you'll be sure to avoid those areas until you've done all there is to do, and maximizing your items earned, as well as enjoyment. Few games on the PS2 allow you to abuse the open-ended play like FFX-2 (that don't say Grand Theft Auto on the box), and Square Enix wants you to use that abuse to the fullest. Who knows what you'll stumble on in your second, third, fourth, who knows how many times through Spira post-Sin.

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