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Game Profile
Gotham Games
Big Ape Productions
GENRE: Fighting
PLAYERS:   1-2
October 14, 2003
MTV Music Generator 3: This is the Remix

MTV Music Generator 3: This is the Remix

MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch

MTV Sports: Pure Ride

 Written by Ryan Genno  on November 26, 2003

Full Review: ?*Nsync in a video game: bad! *Nsync getting beaten to a pulp: good!?

If you're one of those people that never heard or seen MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch before, it was a strange but very funny adult clay animation show that featured some very violent fictional fights. Just like the name implies you take a few names in the news and have them battle it out one on one, right to the death! Although the TV show is no longer in production that doesn't mean it can't branch out into different areas. Here we have Celebrity Deathmatch the game! ?Simply put, this is a great idea for a video game!? Who doesn't want to see some of Hollywood's biggest wrack jobs fight it out? The real question is however, can they pull it off?

You can't have a Celebrity Deathmatch without celebrities, eh? Here are a few of the names that are crazy enough to be in a game like this: the cross dressing bad boy of basketball himself Dennis Rodman, talk show host Jerry Springer, rocker Tommy Lee, comedian Carrot Top, porn star Ron Jeremy, rapper Busta Rhymes, former Charmed star Shannon Doherty, battle bots babe Carmen Electra, the original Queer eyes for the straight guy: all five members of the boy band N'sync are just some of the celebrities ready to jump into the ring.

There are only two different modes try out and neither is all that great. The Episode game plays out like the TV show but the main problem here is that the 3 fights of the night are already preset. You can't change the fighting order and you can't play as the same fighter going into the next match. The Deathmatch is nothing more then your standard single match practice mode, you can fight a friend if you like but that's it for features unfortunately.

This isn't an ultimate fighting-like contest where standard punches and submissions get the job done, here anything is legal. Anna Nicole Smith can do weird stuff like shoot milk from her breast, Mr. T can drop land mines any time he wants, and the sexy Cindy Margolis even as a mean looking chainsaw attack at her deposal. If all that wasn't enough the celebrities can pick up additional weapons like axes and crossbows that can inflict even more damaged plus when the time is right you can rip or chop off actual limbs to gain an even bigger advantage.

You won't have to spend a lot of time looking through the manual for a move list either because the controls here in CD are really easy to master. In other violent fighting games like Mortal Kombat to excuse one of the many finishing moves you have first: stand in the right position, two: do all the correct motions, and three do it all in a very limited amount of time. In CD however, you just hit the ?B' when your opponent has zero health and that's all you need to do to see a fatality. These fights can get very nasty and very bloody in a hurry so you want to keep the younger kids away from this game just to be safe.

Bottom Line
For all of the game's cool features like the fun cartoon-like violence and excellent commentary, there are just so many other things holding Celebrity Deathmatch back. Even on the game's highest difficult there isn't any real challenge here. I was able to unlock all of the secret Celebrities (which are all very generic by the way) and the 3 extra Arenas in under an hour. There are no stories or endings, there is no type of score system, and the game's Create a Celebrity option is useless as well. The game can be fun to have around for a quick two-player fight but once you seen all the moves and heard all the clever dialogue even that becomes dull. Unlike in other silly action games like Super Smash Brothers where it's still possible to fight up to four players at once, Celebrity Deathmatch you to fight the computer or a friend and that's it. MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch makes an excellent rental especially if you're a fan of one or more celebrities here but if you're looking for in-depth fighter with tons of replay value, you won't find it in this Deathmatch that's for sure.

User Comments

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