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Game Profile
Game Boy
Camelot Software
GENRE: Sports
PLAYERS:   1-2
June 22, 2000
Mario Golf: World Tour

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Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games

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Mario Super Sluggers

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 Written by Kevin Stapf  on June 22, 2000

Review: Mini-mario golfs better than tiger woods yall! tiger woods yall!

Mario Golf, what can you say about it? Well, it's got Mario and how can you go wrong with Mario!!! Then to many people (not me I love golf) the turnoff would be that its golf. Sure it isn't very fun to watch, but to take a line right from the game, "Everyone that has tried the sport has fallen in love with it" and this can't be any more true. I know that many of you are thinking how bad golf really is, but when was the last time you have actually played a round of golf, a real round of golf. I mean come on!! When was it!?

Some of you may have read the reviews or heard a friend talking about how great this game is and you start thinking to yourself, "How can a golf game be so good?" You don't have to be a golf enthusiast to enjoy this game; you don't even have to know the difference between a putter and a driver to enjoy this game. All you got to know is how to push buttons and you will enjoy this game. Sure it takes timing and practice but there really isn't anything to it. This is one of those few games where the joy just comes to you without any effort.

The visuals in this game are amazing. The fact that this game is a GBC only game really adds to the game. Even if the majority of the colors in this game are green, the way that each hole is shaded is amazing. The sandtraps as well as water hazards look great. Every character is very detailed from their facial features to the way they move. Each character has animations shown after every hole, which are unique to every character and vary depending on what score they got on that hole. Each course is very nicely detailed and fits each clubhouse very well. Most people will also enjoy the intricacies of each course, which also vary from each clubhouse. The colors aren't as vibrant as many of the other GBC only games, but that takes nothing away. Many people like the graphics in this game, but some people may not, either way this game still has some of the best animations from any GB game to date.

To say the least, the controls in game are simple and there really isn't anything wrong with that. All you really got to do is push one button constantly, but when was the last time you complained of the controls being so simple? Even if the controls of this game are simple that doesn't mean its easy. The real challenge is timing and without good timing, no matter how easy the controls are, you will surely struggle with this game. The simplistic controls of this game surely make it easy for anyone to play and enjoy.

There was some nice audio to go along with the great graphics and easy controls also. The music is very upbeat and if you listen very closely you will even hear some classic tunes from games such as Super Mario Bros. Each course has a different song, but you can't really tire of any of them. The sound effects are also a good sign. You can hear everything from the sound of the club hitting the ball and flying through the air to the moment it lands with a soft thud. The ball rattles around the hole when you sink it just like it would in real life and when you win a tournament the cheers from the crowd is very satisfying. There really isn't anything wrong with the sounds in this game and as every other thing about this game they are some of the best from any GB game to date. Besides even if you tire of the sounds you can just turn them off.

Can a GBC game be anymore satisfying then this? That question remains to be answered but what I do know is that not only is this game a great golf simulation it also adds a few RPG elements that are sure to please any gamer. There is no better feeling then when your golfer reaches that next level which allows you to upgrade one of you categories from drive distance to control of the shots. This game also has many courses that will please any golfer as well as a create-a-golfer option that will please any GB fan. This is not just one of the most satisfying GB games I've ever played; it is one of the most satisfying games on any system that I have ever played.

The replay in this game is also great. There are many mini games to play and secrets to find. The idea of leveling up your character also helps add to the replay value. The game also comes with a versus mode that allows you to play any of you friends and truly find out who is the best golfer. All the courses and great modes of play only help to add to one of the best golfing experiences ever and no matter how many good games I play I will also come back to this game and I will always enjoy it.

Bottom Line
Games such as Zelda DX, Pokemon, Super Mario Bros. DX, and Tetris are all must haves for the Game Boy, and now we add another game to that list. Mario Golf is not just one of the best golf games ever, it is one of the best games ever and every Game Boy gamer's collection of games will not be complete until they own this game. After I play any other Game Boy game, I will always think back to this game and wonder why no other game compares to Mario Golf.

User Comments

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