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Game Profile
Retro Studios
GENRE: Adventure
November 18, 2002
Metroid: Other M

Metroid Prime Trilogy

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Super Metroid


More in this Series
 Written by Kyle Williams  on August 12, 2002

Updated Look: We throw down a few words with the star of this upcoming title.

Recently, we here at Gaming Target had the opportunity to catch up with Samus Aran, the star of Nintendo's upcoming GameCube smash: Metroid Prime. The following transcription is the complete, unedited discussion that took place between the heroine and our own Kyle Williams.

Kyle Williams: Thank you for taking the opportunity to answer a few questions about your upcoming adventure, Mr. Aran.

Samus Aran: That's Ms. Aran.

KW: Excuse me?

SA: I'm not a man. Do you even know who I am?

KW: Sure I do...You're that lady...from't you? (Note to self: research future interviewees)

SA: Jees... That's right. I've been the star of several interactive adventures for various Nintendo platforms.

KW: Would you mind telling us a little bit about those past adventures?

SA: My first publicized adventure was when I first stopped the evil Space Pirates and Mother Brain from amassing an army of Metroids on the planet Zebes. Later, I was called on to finish the job on SR388, ultimately ridding the universe. I was able to destroy all but a single Metroid larvae there. The last time I was in the spotlight, I thwarted Mother Brain's attempt to snatch the captive Metroid larva from some crazy scientists on Ceres.

KW: It's been what, six, seven years since that incident on Ceres? Why have you decided to come back out into the open? Surely there have been job offers since then.

SA: Those jobs paid well, but unforeseen circumstances have pressed upon me the need to go back out on the road. Sure, I've had plenty of job offers since Ceres. [George] Lucas approached me for a role in Attack of the Clones, I was asked to make an appearance on Big Brother to help boost ratings, and I did take those small jobs on the Super Smash Brothers fight circuit. Honestly, it was the time on that circuit that prompted me to reconsider a return to bounty hunting. I forgot how much of a rush I got from combat.

KW: Was the Zebes altercation your first job?

SA: No. Even the best of the best have to cut their teeth somewhere. I spent 4 years in the military, 15 months working in the crew of a space transport and spent 6 hours working the day after Thanksgiving at Best Buy. It was great training, but not even I'm cut out for that.

KW: So, what gear are you loading up for your upcoming job on Tallon IV?

SA: Well, those of you that are familiar with my past exploits are going to see that I'm sticking with a lot of my traditional armaments. I've been spending a lot of time working with my arm cannon, as well as the Freeze and Wave Beam modules for it. I've also had a chance to redesign my combat visor. As I'm taking on the pirates and inevitable space slime that are my new targets, I am going to be able to bring up several different heads-up displays; Combat, Scanning, X-ray, and Thermal. Their names are pretty self-explanitory.

KW: Wow, it sounds like you're ready for an intense firefight.

SA: You can bet your sweet bippy I am. My past jobs have felt like something like a cross between Super Mario Brothers and an arcade game. This new job is taking a more personal feel for me. I am anticipating that this new adventure is going to bring a whole new perspective to what I do for a living. When Shigeru Miyamoto contacted me about this job, he mentioned that the creatures infesting this world would make my past jobs seem like a cakewalk. Both in quantity and intensity.

KW: It the entire story going to be you shooting the crap out of some alien buggers?

SA: No, I am going to have to do a healthy amount of exploring to get this job done. I'm going to have to track down additional equipment once I'm on site, find my way through a demolished space station, and I'm guessing that Mother Brain is behind all of this somewhere. That means that I'm gonna have to find her too.

KW: This sounds like it is going to be one wild ride. Do you--

SA: You know, I've really got to get back to preparing for this job.

KW: Oh, well thanks for taking a couple of minutes to answer a few questions. Would you be interested in having drinks wit--

SA: (Leaving) Jerk.

Final Thoughts
Sounds like Metroid Prime is going to be an exciting action title. If you are familiar with the NES, GB, and SNES adventures that our friend Samus embarked on, then there are going to be a whole lot of familiar icons in this game. Sure, they are getting a 3D makeover, but into every life a little change must fall. This time around, you will be walking in her shoes and looking through her combat visor. This fall, everyone is going to want to go on this latest ride with Samus.

disclaimer: Samus Aran is a fictional character. That means that this conversation didn't really take place. Although, you can convince a drunk that they are talking to just about anyone.

User Comments

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