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Game Profile
GENRE: Extreme Sports
PLAYERS:   1-2
November 19, 2002
Dave Mirra BMX Challenge

Dave Mirra BMX Challenge

Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 3



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 Written by Matt Swider  on December 03, 2002

Full Review: Instead of using "Click, Click, Boom" as the opening track, a more appropriate modification would have been "Chick, Chick, Boob."

Following the first two installments of Dave Mirra BMX, Acclaim and Z-Axis decided to pedal their product down the obscure path of polygonal boobies, perverted humor, and plenty of swearing. While the shocking announcement was met with some controversy, if ?sex sells' as much as people claim, BMX XXX would be the most appealing console game on the market. As it stands though, many critics have already condemned the outcome as mediocre and feel that it contains a number of meaningless obscenities. While it's true that the final product is less than impressive on the BMX front, the game remains solid among its indecent intensions. This makes BMX XXX suitable for individuals allured by its smutty features rather than extreme sports value. It may not be for everyone, but those who enjoy the sick and twisted satire found in games like Conker's Bad Fur Day will surely get a kick out of BMX XXX for a little bit.

Since the game was originally titled Dave Mirra BMX XXX, it's no shock that everything about it resembles the series in great detail. BMX XXX is more like a continuation of the Dave Mirra franchise considering both games run on the same engine. However, this means that its visual state hasn't improved much. BMX XXX looks the best on Xbox, yet can't even compare to the PlayStation 2 version of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4. It fails to meet the texture quality put forth by the Pro Skater series and sometimes features awkward movement from characters. Where BMX XXX does manage to keep up is in its large level sizes and Aggressive Inline oriented challenges, allowing more freedom than previous Dave Mirra titles.

The game also features extensive options when customizing riders, and yes, it's possible to create a topless female rider in the process. Furthermore, it offers a wide variety of combinations other than the topless portion if your imagination doesn't stop there (though I am sure for many it does). Likewise the riders retain some realistic body physics such as breathing and breast jiggling. Despite the opened-ended levels and customizable rider options, this game is short on visual flair that Xbox gamers have become accustomed to. Even though BMX XXX is portrayed as a game all about the sexy image appeal within BMX, the cartoon looking visuals seem to ?keep it dirty' a little too much for my taste. Then again, you don't normally hear of erotic cinema that boasts high-definition quality display.

BMX XXX may not be pimping the most attractive set of graphics on the extreme sports corner, but once inside, the game it's satisfying nonetheless. This is largely due to the handful of characters with well-designed personalities. Talking to them in the first level will incite a timed challenge such as riding whores back to their whore house, dognapping the pimp's poodle, helping a fireman get his hose up, and so on. The outrageous nature provides a shocking experience each time despite the fact that many of the goals are relatively alike from level to level. BMX XXX really shines in this area since it delivers what it promises and sets itself apart from traditional BMX games.

Goals that require players to simply perform certain tricks or rack up enough points are easy to comprehend. However, several of the other objectives aren't clear and the game doesn't give any illustration of where to go or what to do. The first example comes into play in the Bronx when you are told to ghost ride your bike into the ?fruitbooter.' Naturally, unhip as I am, I figured ?fruitbooter' meant the grocery store clerk attending to his fruit setup along the sidewalk. After crashing my bike into the poor man more than a dozen times, I eventually figured out that it was a term for an inline skater. Faulty directions just add to the frustration that is already a part of the more tedious goals.

One interesting addition comes with the inclusion of a health meter. This rises each time a goal is completed, but will drop when falling victim to a rough bail. When its depleted, the run is over and incomplete goals must be restarted. However, awkward landings are easy to avoid by simply grinding. Big air allows players to perform extra tricks and score increasing combos like usual, but now there is little worry when it comes to landing by using this cheap technique. It spoils the fun since there are plenty of rails, wires, and ramps to guarantee riders a safe landing. Though this tactic is a bit like cheating, it makes up for the glitches that will send your rider flying for no reason at all. These problems should have been ironed out, but then again, there won't be many people out there playing this game for its BMX authenticity.

Additional parks are made available after mastering a set number of challenges, however BMX XXX doesn't stop the unlocking of goodies there. Upon meeting certain goals, FMV movies are opened featuring strippers from New York City's Scores Club. Regardless of the controversy surrounding these clips, each only lasts a couple of seconds showing plenty of skin with a couple topless dancers thrown in. For a videogame it's something that raises a few eyebrows, but then again more explicit content can also be seen on Showtime or Cinemax. Players finding it hard to make out the topless riders in the game are going to be the ones striving to complete all the challenges, and in the end, will be satisfied one way or another.

Much of BMX XXX has been average so far, but when it comes to music quality, it's the first thing that caught my attention. The licensed soundtrack includes songs from Green Day, Sublime, and the most appropriate, Motley Crue with ?Girls, Girls, Girls.? The intro also starts with ?Click, Click, Boom,? but then again what extreme sports game doesn't these days? Even though all the music pertains to the XXX theme, the sound is unfortunately dulled when the actual gameplay starts. Instead, it makes way for the more typical sound effects often heard in BMX games. When initiating challenges, the hilarious voice acting and dialogue from characters will get a chuckle from even the most conservative gamers.

Bottom Line
BMX XXX turns out to be a slightly above average package better suited as a weekend rental more than anything else. It excels in the humor department with its sick jokes and derogatory dialogue, but amusement from this is of course limited. It falls behind the extreme sports competition in almost every aspect and lacks online play, which is quickly becoming a necessity for console games these days. Nevertheless, BMX XXX boasts a worthy two-player mode, funny moments, and lots of skin, making it fitting for group of mature friends who never lost their juvenile sense of humor among other things.

User Comments

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