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Game Profile
In Utero
GENRE: Adventure
Not Rated
 Written by Arthur Hughes  on June 14, 2001

First Impressions: This isn't the evil twin you blame everything you mess up on

Ubi Soft has been on a Dreamcast title roll, with games like Rayman 2, Grandia 2, and the soon to be released Stupid Invaders, they've provided Dreamcast gamers with some great content. What's in development now for Ubi soft you ask? Well the new game is Evil Twin. It puts you in a freaked out dream world. It's sort of like taking your worse nightmare (no not the one where you lose your manhood) add a sprinkle of the abnormal, and a dash of darkness stir well, and presto, you have the dream world, which is Evil Twin.

Do you remember that movie Child's Play with chucky? That's what the protagonist named Cyprien looks like, except for where he isn't a doll, but an actually person. Cyprien is an orphan, which has an obsession with comic books, who was celebrating his birthday one day when suddenly he is launched into a world inhabited by they creatures of his darkest dreams, only this time there real. Armed with his trusty sling shot Cyprien runs and jumps thru worlds defeating his foes. He does all this just trying to get back to his birthday party before somebody eats all his cake.

Cyprien wont have to go thru all this without any help. Amazingly enough his comic book obsession has come into play. With his imagination working double time, it gives him the ability to turn into ?Super Cyprien?, this is where we get to have fun. As ?Super Cyprien? you gain awesome fighting abilities to take on your fiercest of foes.

As for the gameplay part of the game it has over 100 unique characters for Cyprien to interact with, and 8 enormous levels for you to explore. According to the sources at Ubi Soft the game is all about classic adventure elements such as fighting, puzzle solving, and interaction among the other characters. The only problem that anybody has seen about the game is the control. It seems as if it doesn't react fast enough. If Ubi Soft can fix this only problem and my guess is that they will, they will have another hit on their hands.

Final Thoughts
This game has everything you would expect out of a classic adventure games. Id say if you're a fan of Mario or Rayman or even if you like the spooky type of games give this one a shot, you wont be disappointed. If you have the time check out the screen shots of this game to the right they're amazing.

User Comments

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