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Game Profile
 Written by Matt Swider  on June 06, 2005

Special: Matt scouts the latest titles at the THQ booth and previews Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers, Destroy All Humans!, Evil Dead: Regeneration and Battlestations: Midway.

Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers (PC, PS2, Xbox)
The second Full Spectrum Warrior game, titled Ten Hammers, is full of improvements that developer Pandemic Studios has made due to feedback from critics like?us. Granted, the score we gave the unique real-time strategy title wasn't bad the first time around, but we did point out the obvious areas in which it could be where it could be better. The demo of Ten Hammers on hand at E3 seems like it filled all the gaps from the last game and then some.

The first improvement is in maneuvering your teams, Alpha and Bravo. In the first game it was impossible to move Alpha to a location they couldn't see. Now, as long as Bravo has the location in its sights, Alpha can move out, allowing you to move about the map in an easier fashion. It's also possible to select a single scout to survey the area. This lone solider will either wave his buddies to follow if its all clear or fall back in retreat if he comes under fire. There are also two new commands called tight and hot. The former will quickly get your troops to a desired location while the later will have them with weapons drawn and prepared to attack.

Besides new command moves, Ten Hammers has expanded by allowing players to go vertical as well as drive vehicles. This is unlike the first FWS, which had you limited to a single horizontal plane and kept your boots planted on that plane the entire time. Now, you'll be able to gain the high ground by storming multiple floors of buildings and taking the rooftops from enemy forces. You can also bring in the big guns with the vehicular muscle of Humvees and Bradley fighting vehicles. In addition to appearing in the campaign, vehicles will also be available in the new multiplayer deathmatch mode, which pits the U.S. Army against insurgents. The second battle begins in the New Year.

Destroy All Humans! (PS2, Xbox)
Destroy All Humans! is another Pandemic Studios developed title, but one that made its debut at E3 2004. A year's time has refined this ?50s era alien game in look, and it's looking more and more like it'll play like a Grand Theft Auto-inspired game as it nears a June 19 release date. Players complete missions that involve acquiring brain stems from humans, but can also wander throughout the town on side activities. This includes participating in simple-minded mini-games or simply destroying everything in sight. Whether you're doing this on foot, using your gun as a weapon to zap humans and mind to wave them in the air, or in the flying saucer, making a mess of the entire town, it's all part of this game's fun. For me, most interesting element so far is taking on the form of other humans and fooling people into thinking you're an average citizen, just like them. Again, the fooling begins on June 19, so be on the lookout and remember to watch the skis?skies.

Evil Dead: Regeneration (PS2, Xbox)
THQ is taking another stab at Evil Dead, but this time the horror film franchise is being handled by Red Faction II developer Cranky Pants Games. Regeneration, the name of the latest Evil Dead set to release for PS2 and Xbox, is supposed to occur after the second film. The game will feature Bruce Campbell as the voice of Ash, who will waste evil deadites left and right with his classic chainsaw arm and shotgun. However, these are elements that you may've already expected. What unforeseen changes have been included in Regeneration? By far, the coolest new idea is Ash's small sidekick that either slides into small spaces or acts as a weapon that can be kicked at enemies. It's a rather odd addition that Evil Dead fans (i.e. our own John Sclazo) will find appropriate and amusing when the game releases in the third quarter of this year.

Battlestations: Midway (PS2, Xbox)
THQ and Mithis Entertainment are looking to take PS2 and Xbox owners from Pearl Harbor to Midway Island in September with Battlestations: Midway. Although gamers may have ventured into the Pacific multiple times with other World War II titles, this game is somewhat unique. Players will be able to pilot planes, command battleships and submerge in submarines as either U.S. or Japanese forces. The gameplay is a mix of strategy and action as you have control over ships in both the air and the sea. In addition to the single-player campaign across the Pacific, Battlestations: Midway will also provide mini-games in the form of challenges and support multiplayer action for up to 16 players, each with their own fleet. I can see Battlefield 1942 salivating over it now, but everyone has to wait until September to get their hands on this one.

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