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Which Console Did You Buy/Receive Over The Holidays?

Xbox One X
Nintendo Switch
PlayStation 4

Game Profile
Terminal Reality
GENRE: Racing
PLAYERS:   1-2
November 15, 2001
4x4 Evo 2

4x4 Evo 2
Azurik: Rise of Perathia
Dark Summit
NHL Hitz 20-02
Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee
 Written by Patrick Geurs  on November 03, 2001

Special: Patrick: ?One week closer to the ultimate date, Nov 15th!?
Ryan: ?Be quiet man, I'm trying to pretend the Xbox isn't coming out soon. That way the time will pass faster.?

This week, Ryan and I take a look at five more games coming to our beloved console this November. We are getting so close that we can almost touch the Xbox now. These next few weeks are going to be really exciting for us here at Xbox Target. So, sit back, hang on, and enjoy the ride.

4x4 EVO 2 ? Take 2 Interactive
Patrick ? 3/5
Not having played the first game, I am not entirely sure what to look forward to with this sequel. However, what I have seen of the game (both the 1st and 2nd ones) looks like a lot of fun. Slamming and sliding through off-road courses and basically causing mayhem is great no matter what. No rules, no boundaries, no limits. Just you, your truck, and whatever other crazed maniacs out there that want your spot in the rankings. Advanced AI makes the CPU controlled cars react just like a normal driver would, not to mention frighteningly real-looking graphics and physics. Definitely worth at least a rental.

Ryan ? 1/5
Seems like fun. Grab one of a hundred licensed vehicles and go tear it up in a muddy battle for first place. Then I remember that I'm not to keen on racing (except for Daytona) titles, much less one that involves trucks instead of super high powered cars. Where's the novelty value in this? To make matters worse, I just happened to see the scores EGM gave it in their latest issue, and I now come to the conclusion that I don't want anything to do with this game. I don't want to play it, see it, or here the name ever mentioned again. Hey now, get that look of shock off your face, this is our personal opinions of these games, remember?

Azurik: Rise of Parathia - Microsoft
Patrick ? 4/5
Now this is where the fun is. Hacking and slashing your way through gorgeous levels that take you from one end of the earth to the other, and back again. An epic adventure, with a vast scale and great music to go with it, this has the potential to be a huge game. Besides, the man is blue. Ok ok, so he's no Sonic, but awesome nonetheless.

Ryan ? 4/5
Azurik: Rise of Parathia is my sort of game. For one, I absolutely love adventure games, like the Zelda and Legacy of Kain titles. Come on, who doesn't? It usually helps when the game has a special something too. For example, in Soul Reaver, Raziel has the ability to shift from the spectral plane and reality, which takes puzzle solving to a whole new dimension (get it?). Azurik also has a catch of sorts ? it's the fact that there are four different type areas in this one massive world ? that being Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. I just find this really cool. Maybe not original, but cool. Plus, our Hero, Azurik, has one kick ass weapon to whoop the baddies with. I'm going to wait to see a review before I buy this game however. Just for the fact that I don't know how the combat system will turn out. This could make or break this otherwise exciting looking game.

Dark Summit - THQ
Patrick ? 3/5
All in all, the story driven snowboarding game has a nice concept. On the other hand, you can add all the story you want, the game still boils down to a simple snowboard racer. So you race down the hill to missions this time. Yippee. I am interested to see how fun this could in fact be, but in the end, I am more or less targeting Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding for my purchase.

Ryan ? 2/5
Hmm? a snowboarding game with mission based objectives. Well, it's definitely original to say the least. But how will it work? I for one have no idea. So I kind of find it hard to score this game. I'm not really excited by it, nor am I turned away exactly. Though for concept alone I'd give it a few points. And who knows? This could be a surprise game come November.

NHL Hitz 20-02 - Midway
Patrick ? 1/5
In a word, ?Ick?. I am a huge hockey fan, and to see this game even coming out sickens me. Dummied gameplay, outrageously ridiculous special effects, and a lame announcer that sounds like he is reading a script just oozing with cheese are what this game has to offer. There aren't many games for the Xbox that I would just flat out walk away from. However, in NHL Hitz's case, I am not walking, I'm running away. Then again, I never really liked Midway's Blitz style of games either, but if you like them, then NHL Hitz 20-02 will be right up your alley.

Ryan ? 1/5
I agree with Patrick 100% here. NHL Hitz is not my sort of game either. Not just because I hate Midway's arcadey sports titles, but also because I hate the sport of hockey in general. Get serious here for a minute, what does this game have to offer? Hmm? let's see, mindless gameplay that doesn't require an ounce of skill, like Patrick mentioned, one super annoying announcer, and this supposed cool factor that Midway is banking on to draw you in. Like the ability to knock the opponent through the glass walls, and the fights, which I am sure are just as simple and unintuitive as the rest of the gameplay. These type of games are clearly developed for simple-minded people, and no, I don't find them fun in the slightest definition of the term. Avoid at all costs.

Oddworld: Munch's Odyssey - Microsoft
Patrick ? 3/5
This game is a mixed bag for me. On the one hand, I like it. It's interesting, has elements that involve teamwork, and is overall, enjoyable. However, platformers, to me, get a tad boring. Run into a problem, find the solution, move on, and repeat. Every console has these inevitably. With the Nintendo came Mario, Sega you get Sonic, and now, Munch. While this might be fun for some, give me a shooter or a fighter instead. I like my action! However, I will give this game a fair run for its money.

Ryan ? 4/5
Whether I like it or not, I'm getting Oddworld for the Xbox. Gotta love them bundles eh? Well, actually, the game seems interesting and looks like it could be fun. My only beef with it is that I never liked the original two games. Mainly because I found the world? well, odd. Seriously, the characters are super lame looking, not to mention sounding. Plus, I never like the ?command all the other slaves? gameplay. It just involved too many voice commands, where you had to take the time and memorize what each individual button does. I found my entire experience with the games to be frustrating. Though, I'm hoping the change into 3D will bring more entertaining gameplay and puzzles. Plus, it has some of the most beautiful graphics ever seen. Maybe I'll rent if before I open my copy, if I don't like it I'll exchange it for Max Payne or something.

Final Note
Well, another week has gone by, and you know what that means, right? Yup. One week closer till we get Xboxes to play with. Yahoo! Nov 15th is coming, and soon we will all be playing these things instead of just reading about them. Till then, keep checking back as we update the Xbox section with all sorts of goodies, and as always, part 4 of this series is just ahead. Stay tuned Xbox fans.

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