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Which Console Did You Buy/Receive Over The Holidays?

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Gears of War
Game Profile

Gears of War film to be a trilogy
Written by John Scalzo on 01/26/09
Are you ready for at least six hours of Gears of War action on the big screen?

Most played Xbox 360, Xbox & XBLA games of 2008
Written by John Scalzo on 01/05/09
You'll never guess which game came in first.

Gears of War trilogy of novels coming soon
Written by John Scalzo on 07/21/08
Written by Karen Traviss.

Gears of War Special Edition and price drop announced
Written by John Scalzo on 05/31/08
If you haven't jumped into Gears of War yet, now's your chance.

Top 50 Xbox 360 bestsellers in Japan
Written by John Scalzo on 12/28/07
Here's what Japanese gamers like to play on their Xbox 360s.

New Gears of War Achievements coming tomorrow
Written by John Scalzo on 06/13/07
Control tweaks for Roadie Run coming too.

IGF and GDC award winners announced
Written by Jason Cisarano on 03/08/07
Show the games some love

Games industry breaks $13 billion in 2006
Written by John Scalzo on 01/19/07
We also have lists of bestselling games for the year as well.

New Gears of War maps coming
Written by John Scalzo on 01/08/07
Let the free Gears of War content commence.

November is a big month for game sales
Written by John Scalzo on 12/08/06
A very big month indeed.

Gears of War emerges on November 12
Written by John Scalzo on 08/03/06
The BIG announcement is... the release date?

E3 2006: Microsoft to flood Xbox Live with E3 content
Written by John Scalzo on 05/02/06
Xbox 360 owners are going to have a very busy E3.

Xbox 360 launch event details
Written by John Scalzo on 11/08/05
Xbox 360: Zero Hour is coming to a Mojave Desert near you.

What to expect from X05
Written by John Scalzo on 10/04/05
Microsoft lays down it's game plan for the big show, including new Wolfenstein and a new one from BioWare.

Microsoft confirms Xbox 360 release date
Written by John Scalzo on 09/15/05
November 22nd, mark your calendars.

Xbox 360 MTV Special Vitals
Written by John Scalzo on 05/12/05
The details of the Xbox 360 special. Including how long the excrutiating Pimp My Xbox went on.


Written by Nick Doukas on 11/20/06
The game that dethroned Halo 2 from the top of the Xbox Live charts is finally here. We review Gears of War.


Emergence Day Preview
Written by Nick Doukas on 11/03/06
Emergence Day is almost here and gamers around the world are gearing up for one of the best looking games ever.

CliffyB E3 Demo Impressions
Written by Glenn Wigmore on 05/12/06
Gears of War was on display and larger than life at E3 and Glenn gives it to us straight.

First Impressions
Written by Nick Doukas on 06/14/05
The gears of innovation are turning as Epic Games ready Gears of War for the Xbox 360.

Cheat Codes

Written by John Scalzo on 11/09/06
Achieve it in Gears of War.

Cheat Codes and Unlockables
Written by John Scalzo on 11/09/06
Are you Gear enough?


Microtransactions: Treating Gamers As Guinea Pigs
Written by Troy Matsumiya on 05/08/07
$60 a game. A penny here. A nickel there. Soon enough you're talking real money. We investigate the microstransaction situation in this full report.

52 Games We'll Still Be Playing From 2006: Part 5
Written by GT Staff on 01/05/07
Our list of favorite games from 2006 comes to a close with the final 12, including the absolute cream of the crop of 2006.

Welcome to the Hype Machine
Written by Troy Matsumiya on 12/08/06
What do you do when HYPE goes up to 11? First, don't believe the hype. And second, read this editorial on the Hype Machine.

Gears of War: Co-op and Multiplayer Impressions
Written by Nick Doukas on 11/10/06
If you can't get enough Gears of War coverage, here's more multiplayer musings than you can handle.

Gears of War: Emergence Day
Written by Nick Doukas on 11/08/06
Gears of War has finally emerged on the Xbox 360 and its everything you've been waiting for. Nick has his first day impressions.

Games of Honor: The Very Best of E3 2006
Written by Adam Woolcott on 05/19/06
After all the individual chatter has come and gone the editors of Gaming Target have gotten together and reveal out picks for the Best Games of E3 2006.

E3 2006: Showfloor Report
Written by Glenn Wigmore on 05/11/06
Glenn paid a visit to Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft on his first day of E3 and here's what he saw.

E3 2006: Microsoft's Gambit...
Written by Nick Doukas on 05/10/06
Nick takes a look at Microsoft's Press Conference and lets us all know he really wants Halo 3 and Gears of War. You and everybody else my friend.

E3 2006: Booth Babes or Bust...
Written by Nick Doukas on 05/08/06
Microsoft plans to ramp up the Xbox 360's library this year with lots of must-have titles and here are the ones Nick wants to learn more about.

E3 2006: One Month to Go ? Xbox 360 Perspective
Written by Glenn Wigmore on 04/13/06
With E3 right around the corner, Glenn takes a look ahead at what might be up Microsoft's sleeve.

The Video Game Librarian: A Librarian's Look at the Xbox 360 Launch
Written by John Scalzo on 11/16/05
As if the Xbox 360 launch hasn't been analyzed in enough ways already, here comes the librarian's perspective.

E3 2005: Microsoft Booth Tour
Written by Glenn Wigmore on 05/31/05
Microsoft made headlines by unveiling Xbox 360 on MTV, but don't forget about its Xbox and PC lineups. Glenn takes a look at the games for both platforms in addition to some Xbox 360 titles.

E3 2005: Microsoft Press Conference
Written by Glenn Wigmore on 05/17/05
Glenn gives you the scoop on the Microsoft E3 Press Conference, with all the Xbox 360 details you need to know.

Xbox 360: The Games So Far...
Written by Nick Doukas on 05/16/05
You know you want it and here's what we know is coming out for it so far...

I Want My Xbox 360!
Written by GT Staff on 05/13/05
The GT staff reacts to the MTV special and comments on the console, the games, the specs and the possible futures of the Xbox 360.


Written by John Scalzo on 10/27/07
See these videos emerge.

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Xbox 360
Epic Games
GENRE: Action
November 07, 2006

Gears of War 4

Gears of War 4

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition

Gears of War 3

Gears of War 2

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