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Are you going to buy an Xbox One X This Holiday Season?

Hope to Receive it as a Gift

New Super Mario Bros.
Game Profile

Madden NFL 11 scores a sales touchdown in August
Written by John Scalzo on 09/10/10
And StarCraft II continues to sell well.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii leads Amazon's list of bestselling games of 2009
Written by John Scalzo on 12/31/09
And to celebrate, the company is running another 'Spend $80, Get a $20 Credit' promotion.

Wii Sports Resort sells 500,000 in July
Written by John Scalzo on 08/14/09
NCAA Football 10 also debuts big.

DSi, Wii Fit dominate the sales charts in April
Written by John Scalzo on 05/14/09
The Godfather II debuts decently as well.

Wii Fit, Street Fighter IV and Killzone 2 are your February 2009 bestsellers
Written by John Scalzo on 03/20/09
NPD Group lists their top ten for February.

Nintendo ships its 100 millionth DS
Written by John Scalzo on 03/13/09
Nintendo continues its streak of handheld superiority.

Wii leads game and console sales in January 2009
Written by John Scalzo on 02/13/09
Wii Fit gets physical with the rest of the top ten.

Nintendo sells 3.2 million Wii systems
Written by John Scalzo on 01/25/07
We're number 2! We're number 2!

Games industry breaks $13 billion in 2006
Written by John Scalzo on 01/19/07
We also have lists of bestselling games for the year as well.

Pink and black DS Lites coming
Written by John Scalzo on 08/24/06
And New Super Mario Bros. has passed the one million mark.

DS Lite sells 136,500 units in two days
Written by John Scalzo on 06/15/06
With 500,000 expected in the first 10 days.

See more of Mario in motion
Written by John Scalzo on 05/01/06
It's Mario Monday again. Enjoy the latest trailer for New Super Mario Bros.

New New Super Mario trailer
Written by John Scalzo on 04/25/06
Nintendo unveils the first in a series of trailers for Mario's next adventure.

New Mario Bros. & Brain Academy pushed back
Written by John Scalzo on 03/21/06
A week delay for each.

Super Mario Bros. DS gets a date
Written by John Scalzo on 02/21/06
And a new puzzle game is announced as well.

E3 2005: Nintendo's full 2005 schedule
Written by John Scalzo on 05/21/05
All release dates for every Nintendo published title in 2005.

E3 2005 New Super Mario Bros. DS screens
Written by John Scalzo on 05/20/05
Wow. I need this game now and you'll think the same way after seeing these screenshots.

DS launch lineup unveiled
Written by John Scalzo on 10/07/04
Launch lineup! Git yet launch lineup right here!

Official DS details and game announcements
Written by John Scalzo on 05/11/04
Everything you ever wanted to know about the DS and over 30 new game announcements


Written by Chris Reiter on 07/06/06
Mario is back and sidescrolling like he used to back in the good old days and here's what we think.


Quick Hits Preview
Written by John Scalzo on 03/08/06
As the handheld wars heat up Nintendo is readying its big guns: Tetris DS, Metroid Prime: Hunters, New Super Mario Bros. and Brain Age

Desparately Seeking New Super Mario Bros.
Written by John Scalzo on 11/09/05
The Mario Bros. are back and side scrolling where they belong. And John really wants it. Like really. Like a lot. Seriously.

Cheat Codes

Written by John Scalzo on 06/11/06
Just like the good old days.


10 Essential Games For Your Brand New DSi XL
Written by GT Staff on 03/30/10
Whether the DSi XL is your first taste of the dual-screened handheld or you've owned every refresh of Nintendo's Game Boy successor, this list is for you.

52 Games We'll Still Be Playing From 2006: Part 5
Written by GT Staff on 01/05/07
Our list of favorite games from 2006 comes to a close with the final 12, including the absolute cream of the crop of 2006.

Big at E3 2006: The DS is Classic
Written by John Scalzo on 05/12/06
With all the focus on the big three consoles we also have to remember that the DS had an amazing E3 as well. Here's a few games you should keep a lookout for.

Here's To Our Gaming Girlfriends
Written by John Scalzo on 02/14/06
To all the girlfriends, fiances and wives that not put up with our video game obsession, but love us anyway, this one's for you.

E3 2005: Nintendo Booth Tour
Written by Kyle Williams on 05/31/05
Nintendo had a lot of exciting games for both GameCube and DS on the showfloor at E3 2005. Kyle is here to take you through each in a personal booth tour.

E3 2005: Notes From the Newsroom
Written by John Scalzo on 05/19/05
John's home but he has to blog, blog, BLOG!

E3 2005: Nintendo Media Briefing
Written by Kyle Williams on 05/18/05
Learn all about the Nintendo Press Conference from Kyle, who gives you the info on Revolution, GB micro, Zelda: Twilight Princess and more.


Written by John Scalzo on 08/11/06
New Super Mario Bros. (DS)

Discuss This Game in the Forums
GENRE: Platformer
PLAYERS:   1-2
May 15, 2006

Super Mario Maker

Super Mario Bros. 3DS

Super Mario All-Stars

Super Mario Galaxy 2

New Super Mario Bros. Wii

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