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Ashley Coomer

Staff Writer, X360/PC Section
E-mail - acoomer @

A Fan Of:
- Ridge Racer
- Cake

Ashley's days as a shit shoveller are long gone now that he's a member of Team Gaming Target. He's the youngest member of the team! He's British! How crazy in love are we?!

Hailing from the mean streets of Britain, he's a big fan of grunge music, guitar, skating and, well, being miserable. When not doing those things he'll be playing or writing about games. Otherwise, he'll be whoring the forums, or hiding under a rock.

Articles by Ashley Coomer

Half-Life 2: The Orange Box [Review]
Xbox 360 11/23/07
Namco reveals new Wii RPG [News]
Wii 11/21/07
Shivering Isles on PlayStation Store next week [News]
PS3 11/21/07
Rainbow Six Vegas 2 announced [News]
Multi 11/20/07
Valve releases Half-Life 2: Episode Two statistics [News]
Multi 11/19/07
Xbox Live is Five [News]
Xbox 360 11/10/07
Xbox 360 outsells PS3 in Japan [News]
Xbox 360 11/10/07
Mass Effect street date broken [News]
Xbox 360 11/10/07
NBA Live 08 [Review]
Xbox 360 11/08/07
EA Chicago closing? [News]
Multi 11/06/07
Guitar Hero III first week sales: $115 million [News]
Multi 11/06/07
ESPN on Xbox Live Video Marketplace [News]
Xbox 360 11/05/07
Rock Band demand not met; new bonus songs [News]
Multi 11/05/07
Sony launches new PlayStation 3 ad campaign [News]
PSN 11/04/07
Folding@home has set a record [News]
PS3 11/04/07
New Xbox 360 bundles for Christmas [News]
XBLA 11/04/07
Resistance: Fall of Man 2 in the works [News]
PS3 10/15/07
The Simpsons Game [Hands-On Preview]
Xbox 360 10/12/07
Prepare Yourself... for something [News]
Multi 10/12/07
Wii to serve as DS Download Station [News]
Wii 10/11/07
Nintendo Wii firmware updated to v3.1 [News]
Wii 10/11/07
New Oblivion downloadable content available for free next week [News]
Multi 10/11/07
Gears of War [First Impressions]
PC 10/10/07
Japan to get 40GB PlayStation 3 and Dual Shock 3 in November [News]
PS3 10/09/07
Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles [First Impressions]
Wii 10/09/07
Rockstar on UK Manhunt 2 ban [News]
Multi 10/08/07
Product placement to ruin PlayStation Home? [News]
PSN 10/08/07
US to get 40 GB PlayStation 3 in November? [News]
PS3 10/08/07
This week on Xbox Live Arcade [News]
XBLA 10/08/07
EA snaps up Super Computer International [News]
PC 10/06/07
Sony's views on backwards compatibility [News]
PS3 10/06/07
Console version of Crysis coming in the future? [News]
PC 10/06/07
Advertisement reveals more about $399 PlayStation 3 [News]
PS3 10/01/07
SCi records a big loss [News]
Multi 09/28/07
Special God of War demos ready [News]
PSP 09/28/07
Rock Band price, release date and PS2 edition announced [News]
PS2 09/28/07
Gran Turismo HD zooms away? in Japan [News]
PSN 09/28/07
New Xbox 360 bundles for Christmas? [News]
Xbox 360 09/27/07
$399 PlayStation 3 to hit this holiday season? [News]
PS3 09/27/07
Half-Life 2: Orange Box goes gold [News]
PC 09/27/07
F.E.A.R. [Review]
Xbox 360 09/26/07
PS3 ♥ Katamari [News]
PS3 09/23/07
Minimum Crysis - PC specs leaked [News]
PC 09/23/07
PlayStation Portable outsells Nintendo DS in Japan [News]
PSP 09/23/07
Folding@home milestone reached [News]
PS3 09/23/07
TGS: Namco Bandai's Active Life announced [News]
Wii 09/22/07
Guitar Hero III soundtrack revealed [News]
Wii 09/22/07
Enemy Territory: Quake Wars [First Impressions]
Xbox 360 09/07/07
DIRT [Review]
Xbox 360 08/27/07
Crash of the Titans [First Impressions]
Wii 08/16/07
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