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Are you going to buy an Xbox One X This Holiday Season?

Hope to Receive it as a Gift

Jonathan Nicklas
There there.

Articles by Jonathan Nicklas

Civilization IV [Review]
PC 05/04/06
E3 2005: Nintendo Revolution Without HD Support [News]
Wii 05/17/05
Nintendo Revolution Details [News]
Wii 05/17/05
E3 2005: PS2 Resident Evil 4 Screenshots Online [News]
PS2 05/16/05
E3 2005: PlayStation 3 Hardware Images [News]
PS3 05/16/05
E3 2005: First PS3 Killzone screens [News]
PS3 05/16/05
E3 2005: PlayStation 3 to Launch in Spring 2006 [News]
PS3 05/16/05
DeltaAdvance 3D engine unveiled for GBA [DeltaAdvance 3D engine unveiled for GBA]
GB 04/05/04
WWE Day of Reckoning [First Impressions]
GCN 03/31/04
Sly Cooper steals a sequel [Sly Cooper steals a sequel]
PS2 03/15/04
GBA Video to screen entertainment 4Kids [GBA Video to screen entertainment 4Kids]
GB 03/15/04
Colin McRae Rally 04 in stores for Xbox [Colin McRae Rally 04 in stores for Xbox]
XB 03/05/04
Sammy announces 16-player online Kung-Fu Fighter [Sammy announces 16-player online Kung-Fu Fighter]
XB 03/03/04
Twin Snakes to launch worldwide [Twin Snakes to launch worldwide]
GCN 03/02/04
Tenchu: Return from the Darkness Screens [Tenchu: Return from the Darkness Screens]
XB 03/02/04
Metal Arms: Glitch in the System [Full Review]
GCN 01/05/04
See the limited-edition two-tone GBA SP [See the limited-edition two-tone GBA SP]
GB 12/19/03
WWE WrestleMania XIX [Full Review]
GCN 11/25/03
4x4 Evo 2 [Full Review]
GCN 08/29/03
WWE WrestleMania XIX [First Impressions]
GCN 08/04/03
Geist [First Impressions]
GCN 06/20/03
Tube Slider [Full Review]
GCN 05/07/03
Minority Report: Everybody Runs [First Impressions]
GCN 03/24/03
Minority Report: Everybody Runs [Full Review]
GCN 03/24/03
NBA Street Volume 2 [First Impressions]
GCN 02/18/03
Die Hard: Vendetta [Full Review]
GCN 02/05/03
Zapper: One Wicked Cricket [Full Review]
GCN 01/09/03
NHL 2K3 [Full Review]
GCN 01/03/03
18-Wheeler: American Pro Trucker [Full Review]
GCN 10/23/02
NHL Hitz 20-03 [First Impressions]
GCN 09/05/02
WWE WrestleMania X8 [Full Review]
GCN 07/30/02
TimeSplitters 2 [First Impressions]
GCN 07/09/02
Resident Evil 0 [First Impressions]
GCN 05/06/02
Madden NFL 2002 [Review]
GB 01/04/02
Sabre Wulf [First Impressions]
GB 08/02/01
Virtua Striker 2002 [First Impressions]
GCN 07/02/01
Super Monkey Ball [First Impressions]
GCN 06/27/01
Super Mario Sunshine [First Impressions]
GCN 06/18/01
Lara Croft: Tomb Raider [Lara Croft: Tomb Raider]
Multi 06/16/01
NBA Courtside 2002 [First Impressions]
GCN 06/07/01
Too Human [First Impressions]
GCN 05/30/01
Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem [First Impressions]
GCN 05/24/01
Cube Versus Box [Cube Versus Box]
GCN 01/23/01
Perfect Dark [Review]
GB 11/06/00
Pokemon Gold [Review]
GB 11/03/00
WWF Wrestlemania 2000 [Review]
N64 08/30/00
GameCube at SpaceWorld 2000 [Special]
GCN 08/28/00
Pokemon Stadium [Review]
N64 07/25/00
Perfect Dark [Review]
N64 07/10/00
Super Smash Bros. [Review]
N64 07/05/00
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