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Alex Roth

Articles by Alex Roth

Gaming Target PC Hardware Review - Alienware X-51 [PC review]
PC 04/24/12
Gentlemen, start your Guild Wars 2 pre-purchase engines! [MMO News]
PC 04/10/12
Starkhawk Hands-on preview: on the ground and in the air with all the toys of an RTS (but none of the fuss) [PS3 Previews]
PS3 04/10/12
Resident Evil 6 gets new trailer, new release date [RE 6 News]
Multi 04/10/12
Mass Effect 3 Operation Raptor bonus weekend on PC; Xbox 360, PS3 coming soon [Mass Effect 3 multiplayer News]
Multi 03/30/12
Video: Max Payne 3 new trailer, online Bullet Time and multiplayer modes [Max Payne 3 News]
Multi 03/28/12
Mass Effect 3 PC review: the end of Bioware's space saga is here [Mass Effect 3 PC Review]
PC 03/22/12
Diablo 3 pre-order guide: get the best Amazon, Gamestop, Best Buy and Blizzard offers [Diablo 3 pre-order Special]
PC 03/16/12
Interview: Origin PC CEO Kevin Wasielewski on leaving Alienware, building a computer with an Xbox inside, a shelf full of classic PC games and Skyrim at 2560 x 1600 [Interview with Kevin Wasielewski CEO of Origin PC]
PC 03/13/12
Free-to-play Tribes: Ascend has release date and Dead Island parody launch trailer. Will the fans embrace it? [Tribes: Ascend News]
PC 03/09/12
Battlefield 3 DLC will bring ?the Biggest map in Battlefield history' [Battlefield 3 DLC News]
Multi 03/08/12
6 hints Resident Evil: Revelations gave us about Resident Evil 6 [Resident Evil 6 Special]
Multi 03/01/12
Syndicate review: stop looking forward to the future on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC [Syndicate Xbox 360 Review]
Xbox 360 02/28/12
Did Earthbound knock-off its classic soundtrack? This SNES-era mash-up is a must listen regardless [Earthbound News]
SNES 02/23/12
Video: Far Cry 3, five minutes of insane first-person violence and mushroom hallucinations [Far Cry 3 News]
Multi 02/20/12
Gotham City Impostors Review: While the Bat's away, the loonies will play on XBLA and PSN [XBLA and PSN Reviews]
Multi 02/15/12
Resident Evil: Revelations review: once more with feeling on the 3DS [3DS Review]
3DS 02/14/12
Video: Explore the PS Vita's Social Connectivity [PS Vita News]
Vita 02/06/12
Max Payne 3 official site, ?more smoke and mirrors than a strip club locker room' [Max Payne 3 News]
Multi 02/02/12
Resident Evil 6 demo timed exclusive for Xbox over PS3 a ?strategic business decision' [Resident Evil 6 News]
Multi 02/01/12
Syndicate co-op demo is live, warfare goes corporate today on Xbox Live, PSN [Syndicate News]
Multi 01/31/12
Capcom favors Xbox 360 over PS3 in Dragon's Dogma, Resident Evil 6 demo deal [Dragon's Dogma News]
Multi 01/31/12
PS Vita Launch Title Preview: hands on with nine launch titles [PS Vita Launch Titles Hands-On Preview]
Vita 01/25/12
Video: Cliff Bleszinksi explains Epic's new zombie horde game [Fortnite News]
XBLA 01/23/12
Max Payne 3's new video reveals customizable dual-wield weapons [Max Payne 3 News]
Multi 01/18/12
Max Payne 3 delayed, release date retreats to May 15 [Max Payne 3 News]
Multi 01/17/12
Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath is dirt cheap for PlayStation Plus subscribers [Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath News]
PSN 01/17/12
New Dead Island DLC; play as Baoni's real bad guy [Dead Island News]
Multi 01/16/12
Saints Row the Third getting a bunch of DLC tomorrow, PC exclusive for Steam [Saints Row the Third News]
Multi 01/16/12
Max Payne 3 pre-order bonuses hint at Payne's perk system [News]
Multi 01/16/12
Today only: Bejeweled 3 is $4.99 on Steam [Bejeweled 3 News]
PC 01/12/12
Video: Star Wars: TOR update brings a survival horror infection [Star Wars: TOR News]
PC 01/12/12
Mass Effect 3 and Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning; download the demos, get free DLC [Mass Effect 3 News]
Multi 01/11/12
Video: Watch a robot rip his own face off in the Binary Domain trailer [Binary Domain News]
Multi 01/11/12
OnLive desktop is going to put Windows 7 on your iPad this Thursday [OnLive News]
Multi 01/10/12
Video: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 DLC drop begins January 24 [Call of Duty: MW 3 News]
Multi 01/10/12
Ghost Recon: Future Soldier PC announced, release date pushed back with apology video from Ubisoft [Ghost Recon: Future Soldier news]
PC 01/10/12
Diablo III release date February 1st? Is Best Buy bluffing? [Diablo III News]
PC 01/09/12
Call of Duty Elite hits iOS tomorrow, tweak your loadout from iPad/iPhone [CoD Modern Warfare 3 News]
Apple 01/09/12
Video: New Resident Evil trailer combines the action of the games, the style of the movies [Resident Evil: Raccoon City News]
Multi 01/09/12
Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes throws Lego Superman, other DC stars into the mix [Lego Batman 2 News]
Multi 01/06/12
Star Trek Online gives early free-to-play access to lapsed Trekkies [Star Trek Online News]
PC 01/06/12
Video: OnLive app brings Lego Batman, SplitSecond to Android tablet, no Apple release date in sight [OnLive News]
PC 01/06/12
Will Diablo 3 be delayed because of South Korea's gambling concerns? [Diablo III News]
PC 01/04/12
New Max Payne 3 screens have Max ignoring explosions, basking in the shadows [Max Payne 3 News]
Multi 01/04/12
Bejeweled iOS review: the new Bejeweled is the best Bejeweled on iPhone [Bejeweled iPhone Review]
Apple 01/03/12
Gears of War 3: Raam's Shadow DLC review: Raam some COG with the best Gears DLC yet [Gears of War 3 DLC Review]
Xbox 360 12/14/11
Rayman Origins review: a side-scrollers delight on Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii [Rayman Origins review]
Wii 12/12/11
Steam Daily Wishlist Giveaway: Enter everyday to win ten free games from Steam [Steam News]
PC 12/01/11
Dead Island's Christmas Calendar 2011 giveaway: win zombie movies on Blu-Ray, HDTVs or an (undead-free) tropical vacation [Dead Island News]
Multi 12/01/11
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