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Which Console Did You Buy/Receive Over The Holidays?

Xbox One X
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Halo 2
Game Profile

Halo 2 continues the story of the Master Chief, a genetically enhanced super-soldier who is the only human ever to successfully defy the Covenant -- a coalition of alien races on a murderous march toward Earth. To the mysterious leaders of the Covenant, the human victory at the ancient ring structure known as Halo was an unacceptable failure. They will not fail again.


No more Live for original Xbox games
Written by John Scalzo on 02/05/10
The online service will be discontinued on April 15.

Halo 3 is top Xbox Live game of 2009
Written by John Scalzo on 01/11/10
While Battlefield 1943 takes the crown as the bestselling XBLA game.

Forerunner novel trilogy and Halo Encyclopedia in the works
Written by John Scalzo on 04/07/09
More books based on Halo than you can shake a "Shh!" at.

Most played Xbox 360, Xbox & XBLA games of 2008
Written by John Scalzo on 01/05/09
You'll never guess which game came in first.

Halo 3 multiplayer demo in Spring 2007
Written by John Scalzo on 11/15/06
Oh yeah...

Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility list
Written by John Scalzo on 11/12/05
The results are in, these are the Xbox games you'll be able to play on your shiny new 360.

Sales of $9.9 billion for game industry
Written by John Scalzo on 01/19/05
NPD is reporting that the video game industry took in $9.9 billion dollars in sales in 2004.

Twin Galaxies wants to pay for your video game records
Written by John Scalzo on 01/12/05
Are you a champion game player. Prove it and win the green.

Spike TV Game Awards winners
Written by John Scalzo on 12/15/04
You know you need to know...

Spike TV Game Awards nominations
Written by John Scalzo on 11/17/04
It ain't the Oscars, but it's what we got.

Halo 2 goes gold
Written by John Scalzo on 10/12/04
Halo 2. Gold. Soundtrack announced too. That is all.

EA announces Live support and Microsoft's E3 2004 Lineup
Written by John Scalzo on 05/11/04
Microsoft has plenty to talk about at E3 as Halo 2 has a release date, EA announces Xbox Live support and a whole slew of games are listed for the show floor.

Two new Halo 2 screens
Written by John Scalzo on 04/16/04
Short and simple, check out these two new screens.

Limited-Edition Halo Xbox Bundle
Written by Matt Swider on 04/02/04
Microsoft will bring a Halo bundle in April bearing a Halo-branded Xbox and jeweled controller with a copy of the game for $169.

Halo gets booked in 'First Strike' novel
Written by Matt Swider on 12/18/03
Master Chief is now a must-read in HALO: FIRST STRIKE, a mature novel from author Eric Nylund.

Microsoft's E3 Lineup
Written by John Scalzo on 05/13/03
What Microsoft has planned for their booth at this year's E3.


Review: Part 2
Written by Nick Doukas on 11/16/04
The second half of the Halo 2 review, complete with the scores from the Gaming Target staff.

Review: Part 1
Written by Troy Matsumiya on 11/15/04
Finally, the first half of the Halo 2 review.


Updated Multiplayer Preview
Written by Nick Doukas on 09/10/04
Nick revisits his look at the Halo 2 multiplayer modes as the countdown to the most anticipated game of the year ticks to under two months away.

Multiplayer Preview
Written by Nick Doukas on 05/13/04
Everyone wants a piece of Halo 2 at this year's E3. And with a release date finally announced it looks like that piece is getting closer everyday. And the piece people want the most is Halo 2 multiplayer, which this preview is about.

First Impressions
Written by Gavin Wright on 01/08/03
The expectations for Halo 2 are undoubtedly high, but from what we've seen so far the game could very well surpass the original, which in itself is a lofty proposition.


What Developers Can Learn From Halo's Online Formula
Written by Kyle Williams on 02/11/09
Our ongoing Halo Week coverage continues with our examination into how Bungie changed online gaming forever and what other developers can learn from them.

Welcome to the Hype Machine
Written by Troy Matsumiya on 12/08/06
What do you do when HYPE goes up to 11? First, don't believe the hype. And second, read this editorial on the Hype Machine.

The Video Game Librarian: The Halo Graphic Novel
Written by Byron Tsang on 08/23/06
Peer inside the pages of this comic take on Bungie's epic trilogy with Byron as he looks at The Halo Graphic Novel.

Why Your Console Will Always Have A Disc Drive
Written by John Scalzo on 08/07/06
Many game execs say we're moving toward a day where all the games we play will be downloaded directly off the Internet. John explains why that won't be happening anytime soon.

In The Crosshairs: Videogame Standard Time
Written by Adam Woolcott on 01/31/06
Adam takes aim at the idiotic fact that game release dates are such a huge secret that even the stores don't know when they'll get them in. Grr!

Best of the Xbox: A Retrospective 2001-2005 - Part 1
Written by Nick Doukas on 10/11/05
Nick gets warm and fuzzy over his favorite Xbox titles over the last four years. And this is just Part One...

Halo 2 AutoUpdate & New Map Impressions
Written by Glenn Wigmore on 05/04/05
Like the title says, first impressions of the AutoUpdate and the first batch of new maps.

Late and Loving It: Option C
Written by Chris Reiter on 02/24/05
Adam and Chris debate the merits of all the great (and not so great) video games of 2004. They're Late and Loving It.

Halo 2: The First 24 Hours
Written by GT Staff on 11/10/04
Halo 2 is finally here and five members of the Gaming Target staff talk about their experiences during The First 24 Hours of Halo 2.

What If Halo 2 Sucks?
Written by Troy Matsumiya on 10/06/04
It's the question no gamer wants to think about: What if Halo 2 sucks? Well Troy took the plunge and contemplates the unthinkable. Tread carefully.

E3 2004: Microsoft Press Conference
Written by Matt Swider on 05/19/04
The only company out of the big three not announcing a new handheld at this year's E3, Microsoft still had plenty of surprises as Matt gives us a rundown of their press conference.

E3 2003: Halo 2 and Doom 3 Report
Written by Nick Doukas on 05/21/03
Nick wasn't there, but he knows what he likes about this year's E3.

E3 2003: Microsoft Press Conference Report
Written by Adam Woolcott on 05/14/03
In the 2nd full year of the existence of the Xbox, Microsoft spent their time displaying all their games that will be seeing the light of day soon, along with some advancements in their brightest technologies.


Written by John Scalzo on 08/12/06
Halo 2 (Xbox)

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GENRE: First Person Shooter
PLAYERS:   1-16
November 09, 2004

Halo Wars 2

Halo 5 Guardians

Halo: New 343 Industries Game

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary

Halo: Reach

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