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 Written by GT Staff  on June 02, 2009

Live Coverage: Our liveblog of Sony's big E3 presser.

--> Sony's big E3 2009 Press Conference is scheduled for Tuesday at 2:00 PM (Eastern Time) and will take place on the first day of the E3 expo.

The conference will be starting shortly, so be sure to keep this page open as Gaming Target editor Matt Swider twitters live from the show and John Scalzo follows along at home.

What will Sony have on hand to show us this year? The smart money is on the PSP Go!, Metal Gear Solid: Rising, the latest Team Ico game, Heavy Rain and maybe a little on Gran Turismo 5.

Ready? Here... we... go...

1:26 John: The E3 2009 Sony Press Conference is just a half hour away
1:26 John: Matt Swider will be along shortly to provide a live running commentary from the event.
2:11 John: Sony's event is starting a bit late
2:14 mattswider: Twitter + iPhone live blogging the #Sony Press Conference. That makes 3 out of 3 press conferences w/o WiFi.

2:20 mattswider: Sony still committed to PS2 w/ 100 games. "Today's PS2 owners are tomorrow's PS3 owners" Too bad they can't play all their old PS2 games on PS3

2:21 John: PS2 has over 2000 games. Wow.
2:22 John: Uncharted 2 appears to be up first
2:22 mattswider: Sony is demoing Uncharted 2, which looks brilliant

2:23 mattswider: Uncharted 2 zip line from new trailer

2:27 mattswider: Uncharted photos

2:28 mattswider: Also

2:29 John: Moving on to MAG: Massive Action Game
2:29 John: And a 256 player MAG battle... or is that more accurately a war?
2:32 mattswider: MAG is a PS3 256-player online game from Zipper Interactive, makers of SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs, this fall.

2:32 John: If MAG works it could be the coolest game ever.
2:35 John: Now onto the PSP

2:36 John: The non-Go PSP that is, which is still officially unannounced.
2:38 mattswider: Hannah Montana Special Edition PSP announced. Ooooooo

2:38 mattswider: This is Kaz holding up the NEW PSP Go

2:38 John: PSP Go is official. 16 GB internal memory and a lot smaller and lighter than original PSP
2:41 mattswider: PSP Go allows Media Go for more intuitive media sharing. Includes Sense Me for mood-based playlists.

2:41 John: All UMD games will be offered on the PSN from this point forward.
2:42 John: PSP Go launches October 1 for $250 (ouch, my wallet cringes)
2:43 John: Now they're announcing PSP video service.

2:43 John: Oh boy, Polyphony Digital is coming out
2:44 John: Gran Turismo on the PSP lives!

2:46 John: Features 800 cars and 35 tracks. No wonder it took so long.
2:48 mattswider: Gran Turismo PSP finally coming out after years of delays. 60 frames per sec, touted as full size GT experience

2:52 John: GT PSP launches October 1 alongside the Go
2:53 John: Up next: Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker for the PSP
2:53 John: Man, it's hard to get excited when all of these announcements were leaked days ago.
2:53 mattswider: Gran Turismo wasn't even shown at full screen at #Sony and they expect ppl to pay $250 on Oct 1? About as likely as ppl will upgrade to DSi

2:54 John: Peace Walker will be developed by the same team behind MGS 4. Slight swipe at MGS Rising on the 360?
2:56 John: Peace Walker Takes place 10 years after MGS 3
2:57 mattswider: Sony shows a trailer for new Metal Gear Solid PSP game. Intro has quote from George Washington & in parentheses they had to tell ppl he was 1st Pres

2:57 John: A sequel to the prequel that is also a prequel to the original NES Metal Gear
2:58 mattswider: The game is called Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker and arrives in 2010.

2:59 John: Resident Evil Portable is up next, due in 2010
3:03 John: Huge PSP video montage. Check back for that later.
3:03 mattswider: Resident Evil Portable coming to PSP next year

3:05 John: Final Fantasy VII officially coming to PS Store. No remake. Square-Enix hates money.
3:09 John: Home is up next

3:10 John: Another video montage, this time of PS3 games
3:12 John: Leaks officially suck
3:14 mattswider: PS3 montage shows EyePet, finally using the PS Eye

3:16 John: Guitar Hero Van Halen in the montage. What is Activision waiting for?
3:16 John: Exclusive Rockstar North game: Agent, 1970s spy game
3:17 mattswider: E3 announcemnent Rockstar Games (makers of GTA) will make Agent exclusively for PS3

3:17 John: Assassin's Creed II up next
3:21 mattswider: Assassin's Creed 2 shows you using Da Vinci's flying contraption.

3:21 mattswider: RT @akashhhhh: Anyone notice Sony's E3 montage used the same PS3 font as on that leaked PS3 Slim box?

3:22 John: PS3 and PSP versions will sync up with secrets to unlock in both.

3:22 John: Final Fantasy XIII is up next.
3:23 mattswider: Assassin's Creed 2 and the connected PSP version caledd Blood Lines comes this Holiday

3:28 mattswider: Wow the E3 crowd has become restless and confused with the Sony announcement of Final Fantasy 14 in 2010 when 13 isn't even out yet!

3:32 John: Final Fantasy XIV Online coming in 2010, exclusively on the PS3
3:32 mattswider: Sony finally showing off a reason for buying that one hit wonder PS Eye Camera.

3:34 John: Sony is now showing off the PlayStation Wand, didn't they first talk this up a few years ago?

3:35 John: Uses the PS Eye to track a piece of plastic and turn it into an item in game
3:39 mattswider: Wow! Sony shows camera & wand.. it takes the live video of you using wand & replaced it with a sword, gun, paintbrush

3:41 mattswider: Bow and arrow using two wands. Makes Wii look so imprecise and toylike

3:41 John: PS Wand coming in Spring 2010
3:45 John: Mod Nation Racers is on display next.

3:46 John: Follows the LBP Play Create Share philosophy
3:46 mattswider: If @SonyPlayStation can market the Sony PlayStation motion controller as cheaper and more pecise than what we saw at #xbox e3 it'll sell

3:49 mattswider: Sony #e3 presser showing ModNation Racer a cartoon racing PS3 game that let's you create your own tracks

3:52 mattswider: ModNation Racer looks great, but doesn't come out until 2010... Will it still be innovative then?

3:53 John: And here comes Team Ico with The Last Guardian
3:53 John: In honor of "Project Trico", for a third time, leaks blow.
3:55 mattswider: Team ICO's trilogy ends with The Last Guardian.

4:00 mattswider: God of War III being shown

4:07 John: GoW III being touted as final entry in the trilogy. A trilogy which contains three games already it should be noted.
4:08 mattswider: Sony's God of War 3 looks amazing and is available on the E3 show floor.

4:13 John: God of War III coming in March 2010, which syncs up nicely with the rest of the releases in the series.
4:16 John: And that's the end

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