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 Written by GT Staff  on June 01, 2009

Live Coverage: Our liveblog of Microsoft's big E3 presser.

--> Microsoft's big E3 2009 Press Conference is scheduled for Monday at 1 PM (Eastern Time) and will be the first conference from one of the console makers.

The conference will be starting shortly, so be sure to keep this page open as Gaming Target editor Matt Swider twitters live from the show and John Scalzo follows along at home.

Here... we... go...

12:37 John: The Microsoft Press Conference is less than an hour away thanks to the five minute "bonus announcement."
12:38 John: Matt Swider will be checking in live from the Press Conference itself shortly with a live blog of the event.
12:44 mattswider: Successfully made it from Hollywood/Highland to 7th/Metro with my MacBook Pro intact. On the way to Galen Center for Microsoft Conference.
12:56 mattswider: This is about 1/16th of the line too #xboxe3

1:28 mattswider: Live blogging #xboxe3 Microsoft Media Briefing using iPhone & Twitter

1:29 John: First game up appears to be The Beatles: Rock Band.
1:32 John: Harmonix guys are on stage and multiple singers confirmed.
1:33 John: First confirmed Beatles track: "Day Tripper"
1:36 mattswider: Beatles Rock Band first video. Very stlyish compared to past games. #xboxe3
1:37 John: More confirmed songs: "I Feel Fine", "Taxman", "I Am the Walrus" (coo coo ka goo), "Back in the U.S.S.R.", "Octupuses' Garden", "Here Comes the Sun" (oh yes!), "Get Back"
1:38 mattswider: Watching developer play Beatles Rock Band for the 1st time and seeing the 1st trailer makes u want to sing along. I resisted
1:39 John: "All You Need is Love" will be available exclusively on Live.
1:40 John: The remaining Beatles, Dhani Harrison (and Yoko) are in the house.
1:44 mattswider: Downloadedable songs and albums for Beatles Rock Band announced. Paul and Ringo just took the stage.

1:44 John: Microsoft just promised 10 never before seen games for this show
1:44 John: Beatles is one. Tony Hawk: Ride is the next.
1:49 mattswider: Tony Hawk intros TH Ride motion controlled skateboard. Did they just promise u can't get hurt like on a real board? I'm sure ppl can manage.
1:51 John: If nothing else that board would make a good paddle

1:52 John: Modern Warfare 2 is up next
1:58 John: Two Modern Warfare 2 map packs will launch on Live first
1:59 mattswider: Modern Warfare 2 (no Call of Duty name) trailer: arctic lvl, advanced gun, snow mobile. Familiar gameplay #xboxe3

1:59 John: Here comes Square-Enix
2:00 John: Will S-E finally tell us when Final Fantasy XIII is coming out?
2:02 John: Release date confirmed! Final Fantasy XIII is coming Spring 2010
2:02 John: That is a long wait.
2:04 mattswider: Final Fantasy 13 (now on an Xbox system... In America at least in 2010

2:05 John: Now we're into the Xbox 360 exclusive portion of the show
2:06 John: Like Shadow Complex, an Epic Games-developed XBLA title.
2:06 John: Summer for Shadow Complex
2:06 John: Joy Ride, a Big Park-developed XBLA title is up next
2:07 John: Free game download with paid DLC options. Coming in the Winter.
2:10 mattswider: Joy Ride announced from new MS-owned dev BigPark. Uses avatar in a FREE downloadable arcade racer. MS makes $ from customs/upgrades #xboxe3

2:10 John: Crackdown 2 announced. Anybody shocked? Didn't think so.
2:13 John: Left 4 Dead 2 coming November 17, PC and Xbox 360 only
2:14 mattswider: Crackdown 2, Left 4 Dead 2, and Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction, all shown exclusively for Xbox 360.
2:23 John: Forza 3 announced. No one in attendance shocked yet.
2:26 mattswider: Forza MotorSport 3 announced at #xboxe3. Best feature is create and download high def video if u ever want to create ur own Fast & Furious.

2:26 John: Halo 3 ODST is next
2:30 John: Halo 3 ODST features non-linear story and multiple playable characters
2:30 mattswider: Halo ODST has u play as a rookie, takes place weeks before Halo 3.
2:35 John: Halo 3 ODST = September 22 and HALO: REACH will be Fall 2010
2:35 mattswider: Halo: Reach briefly shown for the first time, as someone here speculated maybe it's why MS changed Halo ODST from Halo Recon.
2:35 John: Developed by Bungie. They just can't stay away from Halo. ODST comes with Reach multiplayer beta invite.

2:36 John: On to Alan Wake. Will it finally come out? Pretty please?
2:39 John: Stay in the light Alan Wake! Like Pitch Black, but with forest demons.
2:39 John: Comes out Spring 2010.
2:40 mattswider: Alan Wake surfaces. Seems the like good storytelling of a gripping novel, but this game has to finally release. Now Spring 2010 #xboxe3
2:42 mattswider: These Alan Wake puns need to stop: "Alan wake up" and "wakes up in 2010" #xboxe3
2:44 John: Puns are the highest form of comedy.

2:44 John: Last.FM coming to Xbox Live. Free for Gold subscribers.
2:45 mattswider: Xbox Live innovations. 1080p instant movies- no discs, downloads or delays -called Instant On (real original) 1080p HD
2:49 John: Facebook and Twitter on Xbox 360
2:50 mattswider: Too many partnerships Netflix Queue configurable from Xbox, music Facebook & Twitter shown by Felicia Day
2:51 John: Do you think Felicia Day realizes she is the Queen to a whole kingdom of nerds?

2:52 John: Finally... Metal Gear Solid on Xbox 360! I knew it!
2:52 John: Metal Gear Solid: Rising
2:52 John: Starring Ninja Raiden
2:53 mattswider: Metal Gear Solid Rising coming to Xbox 360, completely new, first time off of PlayStation #xboxe3

2:53 John: Finally again... Xbox 360 Motion Controller is official
2:58 John: Wait no, it's a Motion Camera to capture body movements
2:58 John: Sort of like the EyeToy
2:58 John: Codenamed Natal
3:01 John: Steven Spielberg is talking about Natal
3:02 John: Steven Spielberg is on stage talking about Natal
3:02 John: Calls it "historic"
3:04 mattswider: Next big thing. Virtual Reality is here, as introduced by Steven Speilberg. #xboxe3

3:10 John: Paint Party AKA Jackson Pollock painting simulator
3:10 John: Natal captures arm movements as paint throwing
3:17 John: Now there's some kind of virtual world thing hosted by Peter Molyeux

3:17 mattswider: Everyone at #xboxe3 is hating controllers all of a sudden. Xbox 360 motion games (no controller, just ur body)

3:22 mattswider: "With Natal u can use the best controller ever invented... You"
3:32 John: And it's done.
3:32 mattswider: Highlight of #xboxe3 Microsoft's Press Conference was either seeing Paul & Ringo intro Beatles Rock Band or the body controller for 360.

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