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Game Profile
 Written by John Scalzo  on May 15, 2007

News: A new Star Ocean title, several Star Ocean remakes and more Final Fantasy than you can shake a stick at.

The Square-Enix Party was this weekend and many promising looking new games were unveiled to the press. Following up on their desire to reach out more to Western audiences, Square-Enix has released a few details about new titles Japanese gamers will be getting soon and we in America will be getting eventually.

Star Ocean fans in particular should be interested in these announcements as S-E has revealed Star Ocean 4 is in development (for an unnamed next-generation console) and Star Ocean 1 and 2 are being remade for the PSP.

Here's all the details of some of Square-Enix's upcoming titles:

Star Ocean 1: First Departure
Platform: PSP
Genre: RPG
Release Date: TBA

Initially released toward the end of the Super Famicom's life cycle, and never before localized for North America, the origin of the Star Ocean series receives a total makeover for the PSP system. Additional scenarios and characters, integrated 2D and 3D graphics in the style of the PS one game console hit Star Ocean 2, fully animated movies, and other bonus features transform the game into a completely new experience.

Star Ocean 2: Second Evolution
Platform: PSP
Genre: RPG
Release Date: TBA

Set 20 years after the events of its predecessor, Star Ocean 2 also receives the full remake treatment aboard the PSP system. The title takes the next step with fully animated movies, all-new character designs, extra playable characters, fully voiced dialogue, and more.

Star Ocean 4 (tentative title)
Platform: TBA
Genre: RPG
Release Date: TBA

The latest addition to the series is planned for next-generation hardware, and is currently being developed in cooperation with tri-Ace. This title is primed to push next-gen technology to its limits while delivering an experience worthy of the Star Ocean name.

Chocobo's Dungeon: Toki-Wasure no Meikyuu
Platform: Wii
Genre: RPG
Release Date: TBA

Following the success of Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales for the Nintendo DS is the latest installment in the chocobo series, currently in development for the Wii. This time, the stage is set in the world of Ville, in the City of Forgotten Time, where everyone has lost certain memories. This exciting game is packed with a wide array of familiar elements from the Final Fantasy universe, and a dastardly dungeon system sure to ruffle the feathers of any seasoned dungeon crawler!

Final Fantasy XII International Zodiac Job System
Platform: PlayStation 2
Genre: RPG
Japanese Release Date: August 9, 2007
Suggested Retail Price: 6,800yen (tax incl.)
*This title is currently planned for release in Japan only.

Final Fantasy XII's unprecedented sophistication and depth have seen its worldwide shipments climb to over 5 million units. Now experience the game as never before with Final Fantasy XII International Zodiac Job System.

Based on the North American release of Final Fantasy XII, the addition of the Zodiac Job System replaces the single fixed layout of the original title's License Board with 12 different boards, each tailored to a unique job class such as Red Warmage or Uhlan. Almost every aspect of the battle system has been refined and enhanced to provide an all-new gaming experience.

The Last Remnant
Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Genre: RPG
Release Date: TBA (simultaneous release in North America and Japan)
Price: TBA

Imagine a vast, war-torn battlefield, scarred by years of conflict. Countless enemies surround the player, who is backed up by his own army. Threatened by numerous foes and saved in the nick of time by allies, players will feel the true tension of a soldier on the battlefield. In The Last Remnant, as many as seventy units will duke it out at once in fierce yet beautiful battles. Backed by the visual power of next-gen hardware, the unique play style and battle system will challenge and invigorate players like never before.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates
Platform: Nintendo DS
Genre: Action RPG
Japanese Release Date: August 23, 2007
Japanese Suggested Retail Price: 5,040yen (tax incl.)

Witness the tale of twin children blessed by the crystals, whose inseparable fate leads them on a journey fraught with trials. Experience the journey of Ring of Fates in a compelling single-player mode. Tackle challenging quests with the help of your friends in a cooperative multiplayer mode, or play head-to-head multiplayer mode, both supporting up to four players!

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers
Platform: Wii
Genre: Action RPG
Release Date: TBA

The first Final Fantasy title developed exclusively for the Wii!

We'll keep you posted on any new details regarding the American release of these games.

User Comments

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