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Will you be picking up God of War on April 20?


Game Profile
EA Sports
EA Canada
GENRE: Sports
November 19, 2006
Madden NFL 12

Madden NFL 12

Madden NFL 12

Madden NFL 12

Madden NFL 12

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 Written by Glenn Wigmore  on May 12, 2006

Hands-On Preview: If you score a touchdown don't spike the Wiimote...

Getting in to see the Nintendo Wii was certainly worthwhile, as it proved to be quite a revelation (not revolution). EA's Madden 07 was setup in ?living room? style kiosks that had a couch and large television to create the atmosphere for trying out Nintendo's new machine.

Madden ended up being a pretty good trial for the Wii, as it put a player through the paces of the game, from throwing and kicking practice to a two-minute drill game sequence where all the game's ?Wiimote? skills had to be put into use.

Madden on the Wii required use of both the remote and ?nunchuck? attachment. The remote provided a reticule on the screen that could be aimed at players (to select them), plays in the playbook, and menu options. On top of this, the remote allowed for snapping the ball with the A button, and for selecting receivers with the directions of the d-pad (and the A button). On the nunchuck, the thumbstick is used to move around selected players during gameplay.

Of course, the big draw is from the motion control with the Wii, and both the remote and nunchuck allow for motion control functions. Passing requires pressing one of the corresponding receivers buttons and then flicking the remote in their direction ? the harder you fling your hand, the harder the pass will be (the pass is even given a speed rating). Kicking requires pressing the A button and then ?underhand swooping? your arm to create a kicking motion, but you also have to aim the thumbstick for direction; put this altogether and you can bomb some deep field goals. Running is particularly interactive, as you can thrust both of your hands forward to bowl over pesky linebackers, and you can shake your hands to the sides to make the running back juke from side to side ? very cool. When a pass has been thrown, you can throw both of your hands up in the air to try and leap for the ball, and this actually succeeded from time to time.

Defense didn't prove as easy, but hand motions could be used to bowl over ball carriers or receivers. In general, it just felt the control wasn't as polished on the defensive side, but the game's 40% completion status and unfamiliarity with the control (and habit to press buttons) could chalk up some of this shortcoming.

With the defensive drawbacks aside, the Wii remote managed to impress with its interactivity and responsiveness. It should be noted that standing back six or eight from the television is required to make the remote work the best. The design of the Wii control is a bit on the cheap side, more so on the nunchuck, but a bit of the feel might be slightly intentional to make it ?loose? ? time will tell how these controller inputs hold up.

Final Thoughts
The Wii remote certainly passed the giggle test (not the name, though, teehee), and Madden seemed like a good fit for how the controller has been designed. EA reps said that the game is progressing on schedule and that they now have many more ideas to consider with the announcement of the speaker on the remote and with all of the ideas being thrown around ? they were genuinely excited.

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