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Game Profile
 Written by John Scalzo  on April 19, 2006

News: Here's a first taste of what you'll be able to get your grubby little hands on at E3 in a few weeks.

The Entertainment Software Association, the group that runs the E3 Expo, has compiled a list of some of the titles that will be making their debut at E3 2006.

It's a pretty standard list with the usual genres, franchises and developers as I'm sure all of the big names are waiting to announce their new titles in grand fashion.

The full list, for your perusal:

10TACLE Studios

Elveon - The fantasy action epic by 10TACLE STUDIOS leads the gamer through the heroic history of the Elvish civilization. Tightly bound in the gripping story, the player experiences the story as a charismatic hero, and chooses his path and progress as he likes. This action epic is truly fascinating, thanks to its graphics and its innovative combat system. The game is based on the latest Unreal Engine 3 technology and will be released in summer 2007 for Xbox360 and PC.

GTR 2 - FIA GT Racing Game - Extending the ground-breaking physics engine found in GTR, GTR 2 takesthe thrill of driving to new heights. GTR 2, which is the official simulation of the FIA GT championship, features more than 140 high-detailed cars and 34 different track-layouts in a hyper realistic racing revolutionary Driving School Mode, GTR 2 will teach players how to become a real race driver. The successor to the award-winning racing simulations GTR and GT Legends will be released in the summer of 2006!

Buena Vista Games

Desperate Housewives - from Buena Vista Games is a lifestyle simulation PC game based on the top-rated, Golden Globe-winning ABC-TV series, produced by Touchstone Television. In the Desperate Housewives game, players take on the role of a new housewife who moves into Wisteria Lane and unlocks the delicious scandals hidden in the seemingly "perfect" neighborhood. Brenda Strong will lend her voice as the game's narrator Mary Alice Young.

Crave Entertainment

LarryBoy! and the Bad Apple (PlayStation 2/Game Boy Advance): When the citizens of Bumblyburg need help, there is one superhero who they can always count on: LarryBoy! For the first time ever, the amazing smash hit VeggieTales is coming to the game consoles in the heroic adventure LarryBoy! and the Bad Apple.

Hard Rock Casino (PlayStation 2): Gamers can try their luck at more than 20 different casino games, while experiencing high-stakes areas, invitation-only tournaments and many unlockable upgrades for your highly customizable character. Beginning with a modest bankroll, players must build up winnings and reputation as the highest roller at the Hard Rock Casino. Along the way, they will encounter unique tournaments, characters, side tasks, and unlockables keeping the game play fresh and challenges exciting.

World Championship Poker: Featuring Howard Lederer "All In" (PlayStation 2/PlayStation Portable/Xbox 360): The third installment in the best-selling poker video game franchise in North America, features some of the most recognizable and successful poker stars in the world, including Howard Lederer, his sister Annie Duke, Greg Raymer, Amir Vahidi, Paul Darden, and Robert Williamson III. Joining the roster for this year's edition are noted international poker superstars Marcel Luske, Thomas Bihl, and Erin Ness.

Dave Mirra BMX Challenge - (PlayStation Portable): The next installment in the popular BMX franchise gives you BMX Legend Dave Mirra (One of the most recognized action sports athletes in the world) as the featured rider and the option to customize player characters. There are 17 levels with 9 different environments throughout the game. With 9 bikes to choose from and up to 4 player ad hoc wireless play, it's time to ride.


The Sacred Rings - The creators of Aura: Fate of the Ages now bring you an epic graphic adventure for PC CD-ROM. Embark on an adventure in a dark fantastical world of magic and intrigue. Explore more than 400 beautiful locations and interact with numerous characters while you challenge yourself to solve numerous creative and original puzzles.

Safecracker - A unique puzzle adventure game on PC CD-ROM set in an extravagant mansion. Players take on the roll of a safecracker, hired by the wealthy family of a deceased eccentric billionaire, to crack 35 different safes... one of which holds his last will and testament. From the developers of Return to Mysterious Island, these puzzles will challenge all types of puzzle enthusiasts and wannabe safecrackers.

Agatha Christie Murder on the Orient Express - Based on the famous mystery novel by the Queen of Crime, Agatha Christie, this is the second PC CD-ROM Adventure game in the Agatha Christie video game series. Solve a baffling murder mystery that takes place aboard the renowned Orient Express.

Genesis Rising: The Universal Crusade - Play 1 of 3 races in this full 3D futuristic RTS PC CD-ROM game. Set in a mysterious universe where you can morph your ships and weapons using genetic engineering, engage in fast-paced gameplay and reveal an engaging storyline.

Painkiller for PS2 and PSP - A fast-paced first person horror shooter designed to satisfy an adrenaline addict's hunger for action. Painkiller is graphically unmatched. The PAIN engine along with the Havok 2.0 physics engine create a realistic environment in a totally gothic setting.

Evidence - In this PC CD-ROM game the notorious serial killer "The Phoenix" is back and the authorities need your help to catch him once and for all. Using an innovative blend of Windows gameplay and the Internet, the player will explore key cities in Europe and North America. They will receive actual emails from virtual characters, scour real and fictitious websites, analyze video excerpts, photos, soundtracks, and piece together evidence to break the Phoenix's embedded codes. From the creators of Missing: Since January.

Dead Reefs - It is said that for hundreds of years, pirates from the English island of Dead Reefs were looting the ships sailing by and slaughtering their crews. One of the wrecked ships was carrying an old relic, kept secret and locked by a centennial monk order. It is known to have been then stolen and retrieved by the ruler of the island. Shortly after, inhabitants of the island started dying in unnatural ways one by one. A dark mystery on PC CD-ROM that takes place in the 18th century involving pirates, murder, and an enthralling adventure.

First Battalion - Join the ranks as you take command of the First Battalion for PC CD-ROM and lead your forces into battle. Combining some of the best elements from first-person shooters, role-playing and strategy games, First Battalion provides gamers with a unique and exciting WWII gaming experience that they won't soon forget. With its cinematic and immersive gameplay, First Battalion puts you right on the battlefield allowing you to play a pivotal role in one of the most intense and important wars in history


E-Racing - An MMOG driving game designed for the mass market. E-Racing is a new concept in online revenue-gaming, bringing all of the excitement of arcade racing combined with next-gen quality graphics and real time high dynamic range lighting fx. Featuring officially licensed cars & upgrades from the world's largest manufacturers, on-line players race at ultra speeds through architecturally detailed American Cities.

Genuine Games

YooStar: Fashion Salon P.C. - Release - June 2006 - The Rich and Famous need somewhere to spend their money. The "Fashion Salon" is where the celebrities hang out! Become a fashion & style Guru. Give your clients the full fashion and beauty make-over. Get them ready for Movie Premieres, Beach Parties, Weddings,.....and much more besides.

Hudson Entertainment

"Flight Game" - Nintendo Revolution - Take to the skies in a way never before experienced on any home console. Using the Revolution's "Gesture System" built into their innovative controller, Hudson's new "Flight Game" allows total plane control as players pilot their planes through various acrobatic flight maneuvers ranging from sky artistry to bomb drops.

Dungeon Explorer - 360, PSP - (360) Dungeon Explorer is based on the acclaimed action series made originally for the TurboGrafx console. This completely revamped and re-envisioned game captures all the action RPG glory of the original, as well as expanding on the multiplayer elements that made the game so popular. With a new dark fantasy setting, along with randomly generated maps, completely customizable characters, and Xbox Live support, Dungeon Explorer 360 is the ultimate fantasy game experience! (PSP) Summon 3 of your closest friends and let the adventure begin again - this time in the palm of your hands!

Bomberman: Act Zero - 360 - Bomberman makes its triumphant debut on Xbox 360! With an all new storyline and shocking new dark themes, Bomberman: Act Zero is set in a post-apocalyptic world where cyborgs are pitted against cyborgs in a duel to the death. This sleek new vision of Bomberman pits up to 4 players against each other in a fight to the death. Published by Konami

Rengoku 2 - PSP - Return to the dystopian world of Rengoku! In this hard-hitting sequel for the PSP, players will once again journey to the top of the world, battling cyborgs and robots along the way. With network support for up to 4 players, more levels, an explosive soundtrack, and character designs by legendary manga artist, Jun Suemi, Rengoku 2 serves up a deep, challenging action experience not to be missed! Published by Konami

Chosen: The Legend Begins (Xbox) includes an original design concept that Breaks out of the original action-adventure genre. "All the most exciting parts of action games combined into one!" The game allows Players to eliminate enemies in one hit by scoping out the weaknesses of each enemy. Players can also wipe out large parts of enemy armies by using the unique air combat "Locking system"! In addition, experience the excitement of hunting down huge monsters that require special techniques to defeat!

Move Interactive

"An unforgettable hero - an incredible vision of the future. Action-packed first person shooter and adventure elements combine in a unique gameplay experience. For Xbox 360 and PC, Ugo Volt pits the darkness of our digital future against the indomitable human spirit."

Mythic Entertainment

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning (WAR) is the new MMORPG, based on the popular Warhammer fantasy world, from the creators of Dark Age of Camelot. War is everywhere in this next generation Realm vs. Realm (RvR) experience that integrates PvP and PvE combat into a single seamless experience. In a world dominated by force of arm and magic, players experience the epic nature of war and the glory of battle alongside thousands of other players. Every aspect of the game, including PvE content, is geared towards the greater war in some important way. WAR is coming in 2007!

Nokia N-Gage

The N-Gage was just the beginning...Nokia has taken the leading role in the connected mobile gaming sector with the development of the Nokia Next Generation gaming platform. This means that in 2007 Nokia multimedia computers will enable users to play N-Gage quality games and connect to anyone, anywhere to play, chat and share. Get ready to change your perception of mobile gaming, and join us at South Hall, Booth #900 to share our vision for the future.

Schanz Games

The Shadow of Aten (Action adventure)- The Shadow of Aten for PC and Xbox 360, with capacity of adaptability to PS3 and PSP by Silicon Garage Arts (SGA, a Spanish Developer) is an action adventure title that will debut with SCHANZ INTERNATIONAL CONSULTANTS at E3 2006 in Kentia Hall meeting room 6837. In the Shadow of Aten, Players will play the part of an attractive and enigmatic adventurer called Allan Scott, who's exploring the fascinating and mysterious Egypt of the thirties. The story we're about to take part in is based on true events about the cult of God Aten, completing a surprising adventure that will combine action packed, suspense, and mystery.

Grotesque - Heroes Hunted (Solo-Fantasy-RPG for PC) - Grotesque - Heroes Hunted for PC is a innovative and unique RPG with a humorous and emotional twist. Gamers will play in a colourful fantasy world inhabited by distinctive characters taking on the Role of Roger Sun, a big RPG Fan, who suddenly wakes up in the medieval world of Grotesque with a lost memory and a conviction that he has to save this world.

Extinction (A Post-Apocalyptic Real Time Strategy Game for PC) - Extinction for PC is an innovative RTS with cutting edge technology in Post-Apocalyptic setting. Players take control of one of the two fractions, Humans or Mutants, in order to re-establish control over Earth. Extinction features an epic story with more than 30 non linear missions, has a perfectly balanced multiplayer mode at its best with dozens of cooperative multiplayer missions. Extinction will establish a new standard in it's genre.

SNK Playmore

The King of Fighters 2006 - SNK Playmore (PlayStation 2): An original3D fighting game designed specifically for home consoles. The sequel to SNK's first 3D fighting game, The King of Fighters: Maximum Impact. Currently celebrating its twelfth year as one of the most popular fighting video game franchises in the history of gaming, the series' rich history continues with several new characters, as well as many returning favorites.

Metal Slug Collection - SNK Playmore (PlayStationPortable): Six incredible Metal Slug games on one UMD celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the classic arcade franchise, Metal Slug. Included in the collection will be Metal Slug, Metal Slug 2, Metal Slug X, Metal Slug 3, Metal Slug 4, and Metal Slug 5. The Metal Slug Collection will be perfect translations of the arcade classics and feature Wireless support for intense two-player action.

Metal Slug - SNK Playmore (Game Boy Advance): Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Metal Slug franchise comes the original first version entitled "Super Vehicle" to the Game Boy Advance. Commanding the Metal Slug super vehicle allows you to gain tactical advantage in non-stop action packed 2D missions. Battle classic over-the-top boss characters with a huge array of weapons in order to challenge your skill.


Barnyard - Enter the world of Nickelodeon's newest adventure and bring the Barnyard movie to life. Players will be able to explore a fully interactive, 3D world and prove they have what it takes to be the biggest party animal of them all. The film is written, produced & directed by acclaimed comedy writer/producer Steve Oedekerk (Bruce Almighty, Ace Ventura, The Nutty Professor, Kung Pow) and Nickelodeon Movies, producers of the Oscar nominated Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Cars: The Video Game - Put the pedal to the metal in Disney/Pixar Cars, the video game. Join Lightning McQueen as he trains in Radiator Springs for the upcoming Piston Cup race season. This game features over 30 races and mini-games, more than 10 playable characters and allows players to explore the gigantic open world of Radiator Springs and more. Expected for PlayStation2, Xbox, GameCube, Game Boy Advance, PSP, DS and PC/Mac this fall.

Company Of Heroes - From the studio that brought you the blockbuster game of the year Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War comes the next revolution in action strategy. Company of Heroes is a WWII Real Time Strategy game that brings to life the journey of the brave men of Able Company as they fight across Europe in the greatest war mankind has ever known. Relic's proprietary next-gen Essence Engine provides unprecedented graphics and physics complete with the destruction of all terrain and buildings. 2-8 players MP competition via Lan or Internet. WINNER Best Strategy Game of E3 2005 - Game Critics' Best of E3 Awards, WINNER Best PC Game, Best Strategy Game of E3 2005 - GameSpot

Juiced: Eliminator - Juiced: Eliminator brings real street racing to the PSP, taking advantage of the console's wireless functionality to offer never-before-seen multiplayer games. Expanding on the crew & pink-slip racing that helped establish Juiced as a leader in the street-racing genre, the game offers two new 'ad-hoc' multiplayer modes; Eliminator & Relay, 8 new rival crew-chiefs & 2 new locations each with 8 unique tracks and new cars with over 100 new body-kit components. Juiced: Eliminator is scheduled to release for PSP in June 2006.

Monster House - Do you have what it takes to save the neighborhood? Based on the Columbia Pictures animated movie Monster House, the videogames will allow players to experience key moments of the movie as they uncover the mysteries of the house. Players will also take on unique adventures as they explore a living breathing house full of traps and mystery, inspired by the film. With three playable characters, fans of the film will enjoy seeing the movie come to life in their living rooms.

MotoGP '06 - MotoGP'06 on Xbox 360 takes all the traditions of its three Xbox predecessors and relaunches the franchise for the next generation. Visual effects surpassing anything seen before on any race game regardless of genre will be met with new tracks, bike models, refined handling and Live! functionality making this a truly fresh and aspirational title even for hardened fans of the series. MotoGP '06 is scheduled to release for Xbox 360 on 2nd June 2006. MotoGP '06 - a Unique Angle on Racing.

Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War - Dark Crusade - The highly anticipated second expansion pack to internal THQ studio Relic Entertainment's critically acclaimed real-time strategy hit Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War, features an all new single-player experience and 2 new races - The Necron and The Tau - allowing the gamer to play all of the 7 races of the Warhammer 40,000:

Saint's Row - Saints Row is a truly explosive third person action/shooter hybrid with a heavy driving element. It is the only game in its genre that offers players unrivalled character customization options and a multiplayer experience through Xbox Live. In the game you play as a member of the 3rd Street Saints on a mission to rise up the gang ranks and eventually take over the city of Stilwater from rival gangs, one section at a time. However, your actions have consequences and it is up to you to decide how best to muscle your way to the top.

Titan Quest - From the co-creator of Age of Empires, Brian Sullivan, comes an all-new action role-playing game set in the mythical worlds of ancient Greece and Egypt. Amazing visuals and fast-action gameplay deliver a true cinematic gaming experience. Lush ancient world settings crafted in near-photo realistic detail provide the player with an extraordinary canvas on which to set forth on an epic quest of the ultimate good versus evil.

Supreme Commander - The world of Supreme Commander is the next generation in RTS to deliver truly strategic as well as tactical gameplay. Using mind-blowing scale along with unrivalled zoom & control features, the game breathes new life into the RTS genre. Developed by Chris Taylor, creator of Total Annihilation, one of the greatest games of all time, Supreme Commander offers a unique storyline, innovative gameplay and infinite multiplayer battles online.

WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2007 - Don't just watch it - live it! WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2007 lets players experience the thrill of being a WWE Superstar like never before with key new features, incredible graphics and intense WWE action in and beyond the ring. Stop by the THQ booth at E3 to learn how the #1 wrestling video game in the world delivers the next generation of WWE video games when it ships for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable and Xbox 360 beginning this fall.

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