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Which Console Did You Buy/Receive Over The Holidays?

Xbox One X
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PlayStation 4

 Written by Akash Suri  on June 16, 2001

Sega: Multi-Console Partying: So many good games from one company, on so many systems... being a Sega-boy has become expensive!

It should have been one of the best gaming days of my life, after all, Phantasy Star Online was finally being released, but what happens? Sega makes one of the biggest announcements in the history of video games, they announce their decision to become platform agnostic (3rd party). Meaning they've decided to give up on the unprofitable hardware business and go strictly software. Man, was I angry. The very thought of my little blue hero on a Sony console made me want to give up on gaming all together. How could I even bear to see the next incarnation of Crazy Taxi on Xbox? My gaming roots begin and end with Sega, heck, I've only owned one console not manufactured by Sega (NES, come on, every was doing it). But, now, 5 months later, after I've finally finished venting, I'm beginning to see some light at the end of this tunnel. We've all seen what Sega's R&D teams can do on a technically inferior (comparatively) console like Dreamcast, so imagine what they can do with the polygon crunching power of Xbox or Gamecube. I've decided to go ahead and take a quick look at one Sega game on each console, which excites me. I've even written a bit about an upcoming DC game which makes me want to camp out in front of my local game store, heck, I had to show my Sega-love somehow. Read on?

Playstation 2: Virtua Fighter 4
If there is one console I strongly oppose, it's the Playstation 2, also known as the Sony hype machine. I've spent countless hours (sometimes in store aisles) trying to talk people out of getting this system. But then, I saw Virtua Fighter 4. My god. Have you seen the videos of this game? The word ?unbelievable? comes to mind. What I wouldn't give to control Akira in true 128 bits of graphical power. Yu Suzuki has done some amazing stuff on Dreamcast, and I shudder to think what he'll do with the added power of PS2. The backdrops are breathtaking, the characters truly flow with each kick, and did I mention we're reverting to the old 3-button system with this game? This game defies Akash's ?NO PS2!? law, and does it in style. I've actually decided that the day this game is released, I'll pick up a PS2, my god, what has happened to my gaming ethics? SEGA! Why must you make such great games, argh?

Xbox: Jet Set Radio Future
If you know Akash, this should come as no surprise. I live and breathe for Jet Set Radio. The style, the graphics, the flair, the music, the controls, the greatest game ever. And now, it's headed to Microsoft's contended in this sure-to-be-brutal console war. Imagine this, all of the greatness in JSR, with a multi-player mode, perhaps an online mode, and much, much, more. Sounds like the perfect game to me, and JSRF is the number one reason I'm going to pick up the Xbox. The video and screens of this game are saliva-inducing, and make me want to go to Japan and force the latest build out of Smilebit. I've lived for this game on my Dreamcast, I wonder what I'm going to do when its finally released for Xbox.

Gamecube: Phantasy Star Online Version 2
What the heck Akash? Isn't this game being released for our beloved Dreamcast, months ahead of its NGC counterpart? Well, yeah. But the NGC incarnation has something that the DC version doesn't, four-player mode. Well, four-player mode with all four players in your house! That's right, multi-player PSO, meaning you can kick some monster butt with three friends who are sitting just feet away. Cool, eh? Throw in the fact that PSOv2 has the battle mode, and you realize that you can watch your friends' become shamefaced when you proceed to disembowel their Lv. 58 character with that shiny new double saber. THE POSSIBILITIES! And the fact that the multi-player mode runs without so much as a hiccup is just icing on the cake. And you can be sure that Naka and his team of crack-programmers will add more than a few new features to PSOv2 on NGC (too?many?acronyms). Of course, there are those pesky rumors that the game may NOT have the online play, which would require some renaming. Who's up for some PSMPIYH? Get it? Phantasy Star Multi-Player In Your Home. Haha, I'm funny. Ryan stop, get away from me with that frying pan, Ryan, I'm warning you! Ahh!

Dreamcast: Sonic Adventure 2!
Ok, so no more lame jokes, at least not while Ryan is packing non-stick-cooking utensils. Anyhow, Sonic Adventure 2 is just days away, and I've had to change my underwear four times in the last hour just thinking about it. This game is going to rock, and in fact, I'd tell anyone without a Dreamcast (it's $99 people, get with the program already) to buy it solely for this title. Sonic and his buddies are back, and they're back in style. Man, is this game going to rock, it's got it all, 2 player mode, Sonic the Hedgehog, Chaos, Sonic the Hedgehog, 6 playable character, Sonic the Hedgehog, and the coolest villain ever, SHADOW! Oh, did I mention Sonic the Hedgehog? (Sorry Ryan, I know, bad joke). Anyhow, this may be Sonic's last hurrah on DC, so buy it! As for Gaming Target? We've got something rather special, SONIC WEEK! Next week will be all Sonic, all the time. Be prepared, it's going to blow your mind!

Sega is bent on taking my money, now I have to buy 3 more consoles and countless games. If I'm any indication, Sega's going to become very profitable very soon. I can't wait; maybe all that money will get them to try another console. After all, after they get the nation hooked on JSR, the American people will buy any console to play the game. Now, we just need a name for their next console, Sega Akash? AHHH, Ryan! I'm sorry man! I won't do it again! Promise! Ouch!

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