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Game Profile
GlyphX Inc.
May 31, 2005
Advent Shadow

 Written by Alex Fitzgerald  on October 27, 2003

First Impressions: Man, whatever happened to ?we come in peace??

When a development house claims that they want to create video game equivalent of the Star Wars trilogy a few eyebrows are going to be raised, but GlyphX actually looks like they have the right stuff to do just that. The team is currently developing a title called Advent Rising, which is just part one of a three part trilogy. The game, which plans to combine Third and First person shooting, epic storylines, and many other smaller gaming ingredients, is all ready looking promising even with a year left in the development cycle.

The game's plot is far more fleshed out than many other science fiction video games. You see, in the future, races are continually being discovered throughout space. When these species are discovered, other species can aid them in growth by supplying them with advanced technology...provided that the race being helped supplies ten centuries of servitude to the race that is helping them. One race that loves this process is a species known as the Seekers. Though the Seekers are known ad the most powerful species in the universe, there is another mythological race that's been touted as far more powerful and wise than the Seekers. The mythological people in the stories are referred to as "humans."

You play as a man known as Gideon Wyeth, a human who lives with other people in a small colony. When aliens stumble upon the planet Gideon lives on the Seekers decide that they feel threatened by the existence of humans, so they decide to kill all humans.

No matter how good this plotline sounds to you right now, its only going to be better when you experience it through the game? Why? Because famed science fiction author Orson Scott Card (the man behind such great titles as Ender's Game and Pastwatch) is penning the game's script.

Though GlyphX is seeking to make a cinematic game experience though don't expect to be lulled to sleep with long 45 minutes CGI cinemas (ahem Square), as GlyphX is going for a game more reminiscent of Half Life than Xenosaga. Instead of simply watching a lot of what happens in the game's story, you will play it out. So, get prepared to make huge jumps and land gigantic aircraft, because CGI isn't going to save your worthless ass this time around.

So, the game's got a great plot behind it, but that amounts to nothing if the gameplay stinks like your little bro's diapers. Fortunately, GlyphX has us covered. The gameplay when broken down to its barest form is typical 3rd person shooter material, but there are gameplay components that set the game apart from the rest of the Max Paynes out there. For one, your greatest weapon is not a weapon at all...its your mind.

The game right from the start will give you the BFG, what you're going to develop is the powers of your mind. Soon, you start to see why the Seekers are so damn scared of your kind, as with your mind will be able to slow down time, make people levitate, heal yourself, and render your enemy as confused as an American student studying Chinese algebra. As the game series goes on your character will continue to develop mind powers, until finally you'll be able to move mountains near the end of the third game.

To sweeten the deal, GlyphX is also loading the game with replay value. Not only will you be able to develop certain attributes through repeated use (making your character unique depending on how you use him), but the story will also branch quite a bit. Decisions you make at the beginning of the game will not only affect through the first title but all the way through to the trilogy's final chapter. One major example of this branching path scheme is shown right at the beginning of the game, when you're faced with the choice of saving your fianc? or your best friend. What's the right choice? Is there a right decision? You'll just have to wait and see...

Final Thoughts
Advent Rising is definitely looking promising. The game's excellent branching storyline coupled with unique shooter gameplay could make for an enticing release when the game is released. Who knows? Maybe Advent Rising will be the next Matrix. There is talk of movies being made on the concept, and Orson Scott Card is all ready planning to write an Advent Rising book. Let's just hope Advent Rising turns into everything it's trying to be when it's released.

User Comments

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