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Which title will be the 2018 Game of the Year?

Red Dead Redemption 2
God of War
Forza Horizon 4
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

 Written by Brandon Hofer  on January 07, 2019

News: A new brawler is on the verge of being released taking you back to the colorful time of the 1980s.


Hyper Jam is a neon-soaked brawler from Bit Dragon that arrives next month on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. This game will have you challenging friends and strangers to furious local or online multiplayer matches for up to four players, trading blows on vibrant ‘80s-inspired arenas using a suite of weapons ranging from katanas to rocket launchers while upgrading yourself with a variety of game-changing perks that are drafted between rounds.

In battle, you will use your combat prowess and situational awareness to strike other players and make use of environmental hazards like speeding trains in a Neo-Tokyo subway or the treacherous rooftop ledges of a sun-drenched Miami hotel. But emerging victorious isn’t as simple as racking up kills, as winners will need to reach the score limit and survive a full round to triumph

Take on players from all over the world with cross-platform play that allows the PC community to throw down with challengers playing on consoles in online free-for-all death-match games.

Prepare for the battles to come by selecting from a range of persistent perks that provide new abilities. A scoreboard at the end of each round determines the order of the perk draft – whoever is coming last gets the first pick of perks and the winner takes whatever’s left. While everyone begins at a level playing field, fighters will enhance their skills the longer matches draw on, stacking and combining powers to create wholly distinct builds. For example, a player with the Pyrogenesis and Vampirism perks can set others ablaze and recover health from the burn wounds.

“Hyper Jam is an explosive arena brawler that combines the precision and satisfying feeling of traditional competitive fighting games with a gritty and splashy neon ‘80s aesthetic,” said Roman Maksymyschyn, Director, Bit Dragon. “Our team has had an absolute blast developing and playtesting this game, and we’re just about ready to share it with the world. Look out for it soon!”

Hyper Jam will arrive on February 12. Do you plan on picking it up? Tell us what you think below.

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