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Which company will have a better E3?


 Written by Matt Swider  on December 14, 2011

Sorcery PS3 Preview: Sorcery, the long-lost PS Move game from Sony, will allow you to start casting spells next year thanks to a Spring 2012 release date.

Sorcery looked like the perfect "Harry Potter" meets "Wii motion controls" tech demo when we first saw it at E3 2010 along with the newly announced PlayStation Move. But Sony's stage demo was nothing more than that - a working title to showcase the new accessory for PS3. No solid release date was ever given. Thankfully, Sorcery is finally working its magic onto the console a year and a half later as a full game. Better yet, it should be ready for you to cast all of your post-holiday spells next year thanks to a Spring 2012 release date.

With the wand-like PlayStation Move motion controller in one hand for casting spells and a PS Move navigation controller in the other hand for moving your character about, Sorcery is exactly the type of gameplay that this accessory bundle was designed for. As a young sorcerer's apprentice, you'll have access to more than eight magic spells and Sorcery's gesture-based casting system will allow you to chain them together for some wicked spell combinations. You'll be able to freeze enemies and shatter them into tiny little shards, electrocute them with lighting and send them sky-high and set them on fire if only to prove that they're not fireproof over and over again.

Going through Sorcery's five unique realms with these controls brings about that feeling you get when you have to climb or crawl in a Call of Duty game using the R2 and L2 triggers. The same analogy can be applied to racing games when you first realized that R2 was the gas pedal, L2 was the brake pedal and said, "That makes sense and feels pretty natural."

In addition to banishing enemies by learning new spell-casting powers along the way, Sorcery's gameplay will require you to solve puzzles and craft new potions with the in-game alchemy system. But what were most excited about is the fact that the game, as seen at the end of the trailer, will feature gargantuan enemies that are as ugly as they are large.

Final Thoughts
Sorcery is a game-changer for the PlayStation Move. The motion control movement is 1:1 and so too is the game's theme and what you're holding in your hand. The gameplay trailer makes it look like one of the stronger PS Move titles for the new year and in the PS3's entire motion-controlled library. With Harry Potter movies over and done with now, the wizards at Sony may have something enchanting for everyone looking for a new source of sorcery.

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