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Game Profile
Vigil Games
GENRE: Action
January 05, 2010

Darksiders 2

Darksiders 2

Darksiders 2

Darksiders 2


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 Written by Matt Swider  on January 15, 2010

Special: 10 @ 10 (Leno's not using it anymore, so we are)

Buy Darksiders 2 at Amazon for $59.99 when it releases

Having just finished Darksiders, we're craving an inevitable sequel from Vigil Games and THQ. Here's what we want to play in Darksiders 2 that we didn't see in the first.

10. Multiplayer
Darksiders is a single-player affair. It's a long game, so we didn't mind, but we'd love to see a competitive online mode: a little deathmatch, some team deathmatch and a few inventive game types that are unique to the series. Multiplayer could be combined with the single player's existing Abyssal Chain for hookshots, Demonic Wings for gliding across gaps caused by the apocalypse and Chaoseater Sword for sweet, sweet fatalities. It wouldn't hurt to expand the horseback riding to include multiplayer combat, too.

9. The FOUR Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Last time we checked, it was the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. This video game just focuses on one named War. By including the three unplayable horsemen in a potential sequel, it would sweeten the replay value and increase the game's variety. Gamers who pre-ordered Darksiders from GameStop were treated to a 100-page art book entitled Guide to the Underworld. This book included a prequel comic and sketches of the other Horsemen by Joe Madureira, the game's director. The sketches of Fury (AKA Conquest/Pestilence), Strife (AKA Famine) and Death eventually found their way online courtesy of THQ, so you know the publisher is thinking about a sequel as well.

8. Co-op as Part of the Campaign Mode
Going along with the inclusion of the Four Horsemen as playable characters, being able to ride as a team of four through the game would intensify the campaign mode to an appropriately Apocalyptic degree. As much as we like playing with buddies who are in the same room, this would most likely be an online-only co-op mode since a splitscreen version would take away from the comic book-like beauty of the game.

7. Inverted Flying Controls
Darksiders doesn't invert its flying controls, and that's really annoying... briefly. Most of the game is played using on-foot attack controls, which the developer allows you to invert on both the Y- and X-axes. But, there's a one-time flying ordeal that can't be controlled any other way. For gamers who like to go up when pulling back on the analog stick and down when pressing forward, you're out of luck. While this isn't a big deal because the level isn't difficult or long, it's nearly impossible for inverted-loving players to receive the Trophy or Achievement as a reward for killing a massive number of enemies in this level.

6. War Upgrades
Players learn new moves, acquire additional weapons and gain a variety of special attacks as War. However, seeing the character change over the course of the game would have given us a satisfying sense of progress as we sliced and slammed enemies as the game wore on.

5. Feed Us More Than the Chaoseater
We're hungry for a different melee weapon. The Choaseater is great at inflicting damage and we used it throughout the game. But that's the problem. There's no better melee weapon than this large sword and we'd love to see another one that's just as useful.

4. Gunning for a Suitable Gun
We're fans of the Choaseater Sword, but we didn't dig the game's pistol. We wanted a gun that packs a more powerful punch, but there isn't one that War could carry on his back just like his sword.

3. A Sprinting Button
Another thing that War lacks is a sprinting button. For an adventure game like this, in which players do a lot of wandering, being able to run whenever you're required to backtrack through parts of a level would be ideal. And, sadly, the dash button doesn't save you any time as War speeds forward, but stops for a second and takes an irritating amount of time to continue walking.

2. Where in the World Map?
A more detailed map would also help our wandering ways in this adventure game. While there's a well drawn and colorful world map, it doesn't point out things you need to find. So, as much as we appreciate the look of the world map, it's not as effective as it could've been.

1. Flesh Out the Horseriding Gameplay
Riding on horseback as one of the members of the Four Horsemen provided us with a gameplay experience that we were all hoping for when Darksiders was first announced. But, we'd like to see the combat fleshed out so that players could jump from horse to horse and pull off ridiculous moves while fending off enemies in a high-speed horse chase. While there are a ton of games that involve scrambling on tops of cars on a highway, there aren't any that incorporate horses that we can name.

Additional contributions by Kenny Esbenshade

Bookmark: Buy Darksiders 2 here for $59.99 when it releases

Thoughts on a Darksiders 2? Sound off in the comments.

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